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MESS JOHN'S WELL (Chalybeate) Mess John's Well (chalybeate)
Mess John's Well (Chalybeate)
Mess John's Well (Chalybeate)
Buchan By The Revd [Reverend] J B Pratt M.A. [Master of Arts]
Mr A Murcar Bankhead
Charles Barclay Esqr Aberdour House
001 "Mess John's Well issues from a rocK about two hundred yards west of the burn of Aberdour. It is a strong chalybeate, and famed for its medicinal qualities. A Small basin in the shape of a cup for the reception of the water, which trickles down the rock, is said to have been cut by a John White Laird of Ardlawhill at the time that Presbytery and Prelacy contended for the mastery." Buchan By The Revd [Reverend] J.B Pratt. M.A [Master of Arts]
Mr James Nicol, Ground Officer Nethermill
Mr A Murcar, Bankhead
Valuation Roll 1869.70
Estate Plan (1838)
001 A small croft, now attached to the farm of BanKhead. The dwelling house & offices are situate on margin of the "Broad Shore" The property of James Baird Esqr. Cambusdoon Ayr.
Black Dog
Estate Plan (1838) Auchmedden
Mr Alexander Gerrard, Aberdour
001 A small rock about 10 chains off the above. It is covered at high water.

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1.12. Aberdeenshire
Parish of Aberdour

"There are mineral springs in almost every corner of the
parish, but one more remarKable, and more frequented
than the rest called 'Mess John's Well' issues from
a rocK, about 200 yards west of the burn of
Aberdour. It is a strong Chalybeate, and famed
for its medicinal qualities." * *
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