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Site of ST NINIAN'S CHAPEL St Ninian's Chapel
St Ninian's Chapel
St Ninian's Chapel
St Ninian's Chapel
Kennedy's Annals of Aberdeen
Turreff's Antiquarian Gleanings P. 3
Fullarton's Gazetteer Vol. 1.
Taylor's Map of Aberdeen. 1773
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afterwards appropriated to the reception of Company, at funerals, from the country, preparatory to interment in the church yard, for which pri [privilege] the treasurer generally received ten merks. When this practice was discontinued, it was used for a magazine, and various other secular purposes. The fabric, which was of the coarsest workmanship, rema [remained] entire until the year 1794, when the magistrates and council were induced to present gratuitously, to government the whole area of ground within the ramparts, along with the chapel, for the purpo [purposes] of a barrack establishment, which was then in view. This appears, fr [from] the act of the town Council, to have been done, under an impression t [that] the intended barracks would not only be advantageous to the town, but t [tend] to relieve the inhabitants from quartering soldiers, which had long been complained of as a grievous burden upon them. Kennedy's Annals of Aber [Aberdeen]
Vol. II. Page 58.

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