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Site of ST CATHERINE'S CHAPEL St Katherine's Chapel
St Katherine's Chapel
St Catherines's Chapel
Kennedy's Annals of Aberdeen
Turreff's Antiquarian Gleanings P. [Page] 99
Fullarton's Gazetteer Vol 1.
075 "Among other religious foundations established in the town, in the age of popery, was the chapel dedicated to Saint Katharine.
It was founded on the hill of that Name, near the west end of the Castlegate, by the Constable of Aberdeen, in the thirteenth Century. According to ancient report, it belonged to the Nunnery
of the Grey Sisters, of the order of Saint Katharine of Sienna,
who was their patroness. In the Year 1541, when Sir John Cumming was Chaplain, an attempt was made, by the Magistrates, to shut up the passages leading to it from the Shiprow, and from the Green, but the priest appears to have prevented that exertion of authority from taking effect. Sir John Reid was the last Chaplain who celebrated divine Service in the Chapel in the age of popery. The Nunnery had been suppressed at a very remote period; and the Chapel which does not appear to have had any endowments, remained entire for many years posterior to the reformation.
In the beginning of the present Century, the greatest part of the hill on which it formerly stood was removed for the purpose of opening the Communication betwixt the Castlegate and Union Street, the west end of which now occupies a considerable portion of the site of the hill." Kennedy's Annals Vol II page 57.

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