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St Nicholas Church
St Nicholas Church
Revd. [Reverend] Mr McCulloch (E.Ch.) [East Church] Revd. [Reverend] Mr Forsyth (W.Ch.) [West Church]
Mr A Scatterty (Verger)
Annals of Aberdeen (Kennedy's)
075 [Continued]
(P. 15) "serves for no other use but for laying up lead and uther materialls necessarie for keeping up the the fabrick of the church. At that time that the Pope his power was banished out of Aberdein, the utensils of both churches wer valued and told by publick proclamatione, and raited at 142 pundis Scotis Money. --- In the tyme of poperie ther wer no lesse than thretty alters and alterages, to everie of which belonged sett revenues, all to be seen in thes thrie churches each of them dedicated to a severall Sanct, (as thes of the Roman Church use.) -- Both churches, which now are parted by a wall, are adorned with galleries, pews and dasks of wainscot, both bewtifull and commodious, and severalls of thame guilded." --- (A description of both Touns of Aberdeen by James Gordon Parson of Rothemay 1661 - P. 14-5)
(National StatisticaL Accounts. p.5) The great church of Aberdeen was in former times, dedicated to St. Nicholas, though whether it was to Nicholas, who was Bishop of Myra in Lycia in the fourth century, and who is the patron saint of the Russian empire, or to some one else of the same name, that it was dedicated, however, has by long use extended to the whole parish, but in ordinary language it has of late years been less generally used, - the name of the city which occupies so large a portion of the parish being employed instead. (New Stat Acct. [New Statistical Account] P. 5)

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