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AISLES (West Church, Aberdeen) Aisles (West Church) Kennedy's Annals
Mr. A. Scatterty
Revd. [Reverend] Mr Forsyth (Minister)
075 (P. 48) [Continued]
it has been fitted up for the occasional meetings of the synod and presbytery. The north aisle was known by the name of Collison's, as being the burial place of an ancient and eminent family of that name, in the town. The extent of these structures, from south to north, is about one hundred feet. -----
Above the great arches there rises a square tower, about twelve feet high,which forms the basement of the steeple. From each corner of it springs a small square wooden spire, covered with lead, and, in the centre, the great steeple is constructed, of an octagonal, form of oak, and covered with lead. It ends in a point and is surmounted by a gilt bull, with a weather cock on the top, which is about 140 feet from the ground below. At what period
the steeple was erected we have not been informed, but it certainly existed previous to the Reformation. ---
In the tower there are placed the three ancient bells belonging to the church, called Saint Laurence.
Saint Nicholas, and Maria, with two additional ones, have been lately furnished, by order of the Council. There is also an excellent public clock which chimes the quarters, with a large dial plate on each side of the tower pointing out the hours and minutes. -----
The whole of these structures which we have enumerated, although erected at different periods, and in various orders of plain architecture, combine, in one mass a building, which is by no means inelegant, or deficient of symmetry. -----

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