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Refuse Removal. - In Lennoxtown, Milton, and Torrance
many of the ashpits are very defective - too large, unroofed, and
in bad repair. There is no arrangement for regular emptying, and
nuisance frequently arises. Since the end of the year the District
Committee has agreed to my suggestion that notice should be
issued, under Section 51 of the Public Health Act, for the empty-
ing, at least once every three weeks, of all ashpits in these three
In Blanefield and Netherton the ashpits are regularly emptied
once a week. At Netherton they are too large, and one of them
especially is in a bad position as regards inhabited dwellings. At
Blanefield great improvement has been effected by the providing
of new ashpits, which are concreted, roofed over, and of small
In Balfron, Killearn, Drymen, and Fintry the accommodation
varies, but as a rule the premises are kept clean.

Rivers Pollution Act. - In the course of the year complaint
was made of the pollution of the River Blane within the policies of
Duntreath Castle by the entrance of sewage or other deleterious
material from dwelling-houses and other premises situated higher
up the stream. Mr. Lamb submitted to the District Committee a
carefully prepared report on the subject, and the matter is still
under consideration.

Dairies. - The regulations framed by the District Committee
are not yet in force. But the insanitary condition of one dairy
farm was specially reported on to the Committee, and the owner
agreed, in response to a request by a Sub-Committee, to carry out
certain structural improvements. At the end of the year with which
this Report deals the improvements had not been completed. The
occupant keeps the premises in a very dirty condition.

Slaughter-houses. - There are six within the District, two
in Lennoxtown, two in Killearn, and one each in Drymen and
Mr. Lamb has served notices on the owners of the Lennoxtown
slaughter-houses as to the insanitary condition of the premises,
and some improvement in cleanliness has been the result. But

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the buildings are not at all suitable for slaughtering cattle in, and,
since the end of the year, the Local Authority has ordered that
they be no longer used for this purpose.

Common Lodging-houses. - There is one such house in
Balfron. It has accommodation for 19 lodgers, and is kept in
good order.

Bakehouses. - There are five retail bakehouses within the
District, one each in Lennoxtown, Milton, Killearn, Balfron, and
Drymen. Most of the bread is supplied by vans from the larger
centres of population. The bakehouses are in fair condition, and
the provisions of the Factory Acts are not being infringed.

Piggeries. - There are a large number of piggeries in Milton
and Torrance. They are nearly all built of wood, both in walls
and floors. In Milton some of them were too near the dwelling-
houses, and have had to be removed further away. In structure
also some of them are being improved.


The Notification Act has come into force only on January 1st,
1892. The chief outbreak of disease to which my attention has
been called in 1891 was of diphtheria in a family in Lennoxtown,
in the month of September. The family consisted of the parents
and eight children. Seven of the children were attacked, and no less
than three died. The first case was that of a girl of eleven, who
had been attending school. The house was of two apartments and
was rather crowded, the air space per head being only 345 cubic
feet. The house drains were in a very unsatisfactory condition,
and a bad smell was complained of from the ashpit. The owner
was communicated with and had the causes of complaint removed,
this involving complete renewal of the drains. Three other cases of
diphtheria occurred about the same time in Lennoxtown, and were
attended to.
Before the transference to Dunbarton of the Stirlingshire part
of New Kilpatrick Parish, a case of diphtheria occurred in a cottage
near Milngavie. The drains were very defective, and were taken
up and entirely relaid by the owner.

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