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My work as medical officer to the counties of Stirling and Dun-
barton, and to the five Districts of which they are composed, began
on 16th March, 1891. To a very great extent it has been both pre-
liminary and fragmentary, consisting of enquiries as to the general
sanitary condition and needs of the wide area of the two
counties, stretching across the centre of Scotland from the
Firth of Forth to the Firth of Clyde - these inquiries being car-
ried on in the intervals between the fulfilment of the various
administrative duties that have fallen to be attended to in
one or another part of the Districts. My first Report must of
necessity partake of the preliminary character of the work.
It treats of many matters that will not have to be dealt with
at any length in future reports, and it passes over other
questions that I have not yet been able to take up. The great
bulk of my time has been occupied in questions relating to hospital
accommodation, in visiting houses and villages with reference to the
occurrence of infectious disease, in the preparation of bye-laws,
and in attending numerous meetings of District Committees and
The services of the local Medical Officers and Sanitary Inspectors
have been dispensed with in all three Districts, and in each District
one Sanitary Inspector has been appointed to devote his whole time
to the work. So far, very little resort has been had to the services
of the police force in the County in regard to sanitary administra-
tion. In Dunbartonshire, where the whole question had to be
gone into on account of the need for an addition to the staff of
Sanitary Inspectors, it has been arranged that information regard-

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