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is the largest populous place in the charge of the Eastern District
Committee. They are as follows for the two censuses:-

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Here it will be seen that the rooms per house have very slightly
decreased - from 2·51 to 2·42. The number of persons per room,
however, has also decreased - from 1·93 to 1·+86. During the same
period the population has risen from 2617 to 3045, and the total
number of houses from 541 to 677.


East Stirlingshire contains only part of one Special Water
Supply District, that of the Falkirk and Larbert Water Trust.
Excluding the Burgh of Falkirk the population supplied from this
source is about 6700, as enumerated by Mr. Denholm. The places
so supplied are Larbert, Stenhousemuir, Carron, and part of Carron-
shore. The water is upland surface water from uncultivated land.
It is subjected to filtration. The supply is mostly by pillar wells
on the streets, but it is also conveyed by pipes into a number of
the houses, and that number is increasing, especially in Larbert
and Stenhousemuir.
Airth Parish. - Airth village gets its water from local sources,
the chief of which is a pillar well in the centre of the village.
The water is always plentiful and is said to be from a spring. A
running pipe well at "the Path" discharges surface and subsoil
water after rain. There are some private wells in the village.
South Alloa. - The houses here are the property of the Caledonian
Railway Company. A well was sunk some time ago, but the
water was unsatisfactory. In the meantime a locomotive tender
has been converted into a water tank, and is replenished at Alloa,
on the other side of the Forth, when required. A permanent

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supply is intended to be got by a pipe led across the river from
Bothkennar Parish. - The part of Carronshore which is within
this parish is partly supplied by pump wells, but the water is very
scarce in summer, and in an emergency it is very likely that the
Falkirk and Larbert water (which is in use in the part of Carron-
shore within Larbert parish) has to make up the deficiency.
Skinflatts. - The water is pumped from pit workings, is filtered,
and is stored in a tank in the village.
Longdyke. - The supply is from a running pipe well at the
entrance gate to Kinnaird House. It is said to be derived from a
spring in the Kinnaird policies. The spout is about a quarter of
a mile from the village.
Kinnaird (which is partly in Bothkennar but chiefly in Larbert
parish) has the same supply as Longdyke. The distance from the
village is 300 yards or more.
Polmont Parish. - In Polmont village dip wells prevail. There
are also one or two pump wells. The dip wells are mostly situated
in private garden ground, more or less open to pollution from
manure, &c. In November last a young woman was found drowned
in one of these open wells. The supply was not very deficient in
Redding is supplied by shallow wells, situated on the public
road, and all provided with pumps. Last summer's drought did not
empty the wells. One of the pumps is connected with a tank at
the side of the railway, the water being derived from a running
spring, and the overflow going to flush part of the Redding drainage
Shieldhill. - In Wester Shieldhill one public pump well at the
roadside is believed to be of bad quality and is avoided by the
inhabitants. Several dip wells exist in back yards. There was
great scarcity last summer, and water was got chiefly from the burn
which passes through the village, and which is liable to pollution.
At Easter Shieldhill the chief source is a dip well on the road-
side, at too great a distance from most of population.
Wallacestone. - The supply is very bad indeed, being from dip
wells close to the dwelling-houses, and liable to pollution. Some-
times roof water, collected in barrels, is used.
Rumford and Craigs (partly in Muiravonside Parish). Rumford


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