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Kippen Parish. - Enteric Fever. - On November 17th a case was
certified from Kirkhill, a cottage in the village of Kippen. The
premises had been recently under repair, and a water-closet and
drainage introduced. On applying the smoke test Mr. McKerchar
found the drain very defective, and it had to be relaid and the
joints properly cemented.
Erysipelas. - One case was reported. It was the result of an
injury to the head.


(SEE TABLES III., IV., V., and VI.)

For future reference I put on record here the death-rates in the
several Registration Districts from 1880 to 1889 inclusive. Table
III. gives the actual deaths, and Table IV. the death-rates. As
has been already explained, the Registration Districts include
the burghs, so that no heed need be given to the Stirling rates,
the district being almost wholly burghal. Of the others, the
rural parish of Kippen gives, strange to say, the highest death-
rate, and, more remarkably still, the Haggs district gives the
lowest. This is very largely due to one year, 1885, which
had a rate of only 9·1 per 1000. In 1889 the rate was 22·2.
Next lowest on the list are Gargunnock and St. Ninians, the
average rates for the ten years being 16·0 and 16·2 respectively.
Death-rates in 1891. - Tables V. and VI. correspond to
those issued by the Board of Supervision, the former containing
the data on which the rates given in the latter table are based.
It will be understood that these figures have to do only with the
parts of the Registration Districts which are under the control of
the District Committee, the burghs being left out of the returns
furnished me by the local registrars. The total death-rate has
been 22·92 per 1000, a high mortality. The zymotic death-rate
(2·357) has also been rather high. It is made up mainly by
diseases not notified under the Act - measles, whooping cough,
and diarrhoea having caused 27 out of 35 deaths from the
principal zymotic diseases. The mortality rate from phthisis
was 1·679, and from respiratory diseases 3·630. The deaths
among infants were excessive, being at the rate of 128 deaths
under one year old per 1000 births.

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