An error, due to incorrect returns of the population of the Health
Districts of Kintore and Inverurie, has been pointed out. The correc-
tion would give a total death-rate for the whole district of 13.945,
Instead of 14.318 - a difference of .373.

To the
Public Health Committee
In accordance with the Regulations for Medical
Officers of Health laid down by the Board of Supervision in
virtue of the powers conferred upon them the local
Government (Scotland) Act, 1889, I have prepared Reports
for the eight districts of Aberdeenshire, for which I am
Medical Officer ; and, in accordance with their further in-
structions, I have sent to the Council copies of these Reports.
The Bye-laws recommended by the board of Supervision
for defining the duties of Medical Officers of Counties, and
which have been adopted by the Council, further impose
upon me the duty of preparing an Annual County Report.
In view of the short time at my disposal during last year
- a period too short to admit of the preparation of materials
for such a Report on the County as I should wish to lay
before you - I requested from the Board of Supervision
exemption from a County Report 1891.
I think, however, that it may be well that I should. As
Medical Officer of Health for the County, present to the
Public Health Committee a concise statement as to the
Carrying out of the Public Health Acts in the various
It seems to me that the District Committees, as Local
Authorities, have shown themselves fully alive to the
importance of using the powers entrusted to them by law
for safe-guarding health of the people, and I think the

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