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get into the House Supply. This condition may be a
source of danger where it is possible that Surface
Water from sheep excrement might get into the pipes.
While attending the Typhoid Fever case, the water,
as seen in a tumbler after rainfall, was quite turbid.
I have no doubt that after the water settled, and the
rainfall ceased, an analysis of the water may be favour-
able, but the above condition is in my opinion a pos-
sible source of danger, and I would strongly recom-
mend that the pipe conducting the water from the
spring to the cistern should be properly repaired with
metal pipe, and the joints well secured. From the
Sanitary Inspector's Report it would seem that the
Drains of the House had been recently improved. On
examination, I find the cesspool is closely covered
with a stone slab. In this case, I would advise that
the cesspool be covered with a strong perforated iron
plate, or to have a ventilated trap nearer the house,
in addition to the present ventilation of the Drain.
The Ashpit at the west end of then Ploughmen's
Cottages is too near the gable, being about three
yards distant.
The population of the Parish is 828. During the
year, there have been thirteen deaths. Two occurred
from Hooping-Cough, one from Erysipelas, and one
from Typhoid Fever. The other deaths were princi-
pally due to Cardiac and Bronchial affections (in the
PATHHEAD, FORD, 20th January 1892.

I have to report that, during the year ending 31st
December 1891, there have been registered in the
Parish of Ormiston 8 Deaths, against 22, 20, and 13
in the three previous years. These 8 Deaths repre-
sent an annual mortality of 6.7 per 1000 of the popu-
lation. Cardiac Disease was the cause of one of
these Deaths; Diseases of the Chest, other than
Phthisis, three; Hemiplegia, one; Cuihosis, one;
and Premature Birth, one. Ages at Death were:-

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Under 1 year, one; over 40 and under 60, two; over
60 years, five.
There were registered 49 Births - 21 Males and 28
Females - two of these being illegitimate.
The District has been very healthy during the
year, and clear of Infectious Disease.


I beg to submit my Report for the area comprising
the Parishes of Prestonkirk, Whitekirk, Whittinghame,
and Stenton, of which I am Medical Officer.
The Sanitary condition of this area is, on the whole,
satisfactory, and no special measures are required for
its improvement. It may, however, be stated generally
that the condition of the Drains and the accumulation
of Filth in the neighbourhood of Dwellings do require
constant attention and supervision. The necessary
constant care and attention ought to be enjoined and
enforced upon those who use them. The best con-
structed Drains, if not properly used, will inevitably
choke, and breed mischief.
General inquiries during the year led to the dis-
covery of no unsanitary condition calling for any
special inquiry.
There existed no matters as to which advice was
required to be given or certificates granted.
The Bakehouses in the Districts are all in a satis-
factory condition, and no proceedings required to be
taken in regard to them.
No Hospital now exists in the District - the only
one which formerly existed (a Combination Hospital
situated in Prestonkirk) having been discontinued.
The only outbreak of Infectious Disease requiring
any action to be taken to prevent the spread of it
was that of Scarlet Fever in the Parish of Whitting-

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