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be called to authorise application in each case, and the object of the
provision would be defeated by the delay which would take place
before the removal could be effected.

(6). The necessity of retaining the services of local Medical Officers
of Health, and of appointing Medical Officers for those parishes having
no such officials at present. Without local assistance it will be utterly
impossible to carry out the provisions of the Public Health Act in such
a wide county as Argyllshire. Local assistance is most necessary for the
purpose of taking immediate measures for the isolation and disinfection
of infectious diseases. Without such assistance many days might
elapse before measures could be taken from the central office and the
disease might get beyond control.

(7). The necessity of engaging nurses to attend on cases of in-
fectious disease. If a few nurses were engaged by the whole County
they might be transferred from one district to another as they would
be required.

(8). The necessity of each Medical Officer of Health in the parishes,
of sending me the schedule of new cases of sickness monthly as resolved
at the meeting of the County Council in December. The Clerk of each
Local Authority should notify this to each Local Medical Officer in the

(9). The desirability of allowing a small fee to Medical practitioners
who are not Medical Officers of Health for filling up similar returns.

(10). The necessity of insisting on the Registration of Dairies and
common Lodging-Houses, and of providing Registers for the purpose.

(11). The necessity of insisting on the providing of properly con-
structed privies and ashpits in villages and all populous places, and of
these being emptied at regular short intervals by men engaged by the
Local Authorities for the purpose.

(12). The necessity of insisting on the storage of ashes, house refuse
and maunre in conutry places where no ashpits or privies exist, not
nearer than 30 yards to any dwelling-house, and in such localities as
not to pollute a well or stream of water used for dietetic purposes, or to
drain toward the house.

(13). The absolute necessity of prohibiting the keeping of fowls,
pigs, or cattle in dwelling-houses or in houses or sheds built against the
wall of dwelling-houses; or in separate houses or sheds in close
proximity to dwelling houses, unless proper provision is made for
drainage, and for keeping them in a cleanly and sanitary state. In
villages, pigstyes should not be allowed within 50 yards of any dwell-

(14). The necessity of prohibiting the throwing of ashes and house
refuse on the beach or fore-shore, and the discharging of sewers along
the foreshore above high water mark.

(15). The desirability of prohibiting persons from giving accom-
modation to vagrants, except in registered common lodging-houses.

(16). The advisability of printing placards in large type such as,
"This house is infected with typhus fever," to be posted on the doors of

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infected houses as a warning to the public. These placards should not
be removed until such houses are thoroughly disinfected and a certifi-
cate given to the householder to that effect. It might be disirable to
authorize the Medical Officer in cases where further publicity is neces-
sary and not likely to unduly alarm visitors and others to notify in
local newspapers the prevalence of a dangerous infectious desease in
any house or locality, and also to write local constables as well as
sanitary inspectors to warn the public.

(17). The desirability of printing placards in large type to be
posted in prominent places on piers and steamers to the effect that
persons suffering from infectious disease or who are convalescing from
such diseases, or resided in houses where any infectious disease recently
occurred, found visiting any part of the County will be prosecuted,
unless in the case of convalescents or persons from infected houses, they
are provided with a certificate signed by a Medical Officer of Health,
that they are free from infection.

(18). The lime washing of small cottages or part thereof as well a
dairies and common lodging houses twice a year would be beneficial if
made compulsory. The local Sanitary Inspectors could see that this is
carried out.

(19). The printing of leaflets with precautions against the spread of
infectious disease to be sent to householders when necessary. It might
be desirable to print such leaflets in Gaelic and English.

(20). The printing of leaflets giving minute directions to Sanitary
Inspectors as to the process of disinfection necessary for preventing the
spread of infectious or contagious disease.

I beg to draw the special attention of the Council to the large
number of deaths registered in various districts without the cause of
death being specified. In my Annual Report I shall endeavour to deal
with this subject more minutely. It may however be desirable to
bring the attention of the proper authorities to bear on the subject with
the view of improving the present state of matters.

I would also draw special attention to the custom which I believe
is common of supplying raw whiskey in large quantities to labourers
in distilleries. Pressure might be brought to bear on the proprietors of
such works with the view to this custom being stopped, as it lowers the
moral, mental, and physical condition of those employed in them.
I am, Gentlemen,
Your obedient Servant,
Medical Officer of Health, Argyll.

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