Date Masters & mistresses names & designations Servants names Quality of servants Number of servants Bachelor servants One and two servants Three and four servants Five to seven servants Eight to ten servants Eleven or more servants Duty
4 Aug 1788 Dumfries Burgh
Dr [Doctor] John Gilchrist Dumfries John Frisell Postilion 1 1 £1.5.0
Mrs Loathing Rosehall in Dumfries William Underwood
Robert Crichton
Alexander Finley
Footman & G. [Game]keeper
3 3 £4.10.0
Capt [Captain] John Hamiltom in Dumfries John Proudfoot
James Walker
2 2 £2.10.0
Robert Ridle Esqr of Carsield in Dumfries Robert Boyes Footman 1 1 £1.5.0
Mrs Ramsay in Dumfries Postilion 1 1 £1.5.0
Mr Thomas Clynt Vintiner in Dumfries William Douglas Waitter 1 1 £1.5.0
Comiser [Commisioner] Thomas Goldie in Dumfries Francis Grycie House Servt [Servant] 1 1 £1.5.0
Alexander Michelson Esqr in Dumfries William McCrea Footman 1 1 £1.5.0
Lady Carnwarth in Dumfries William Paterson Footman 1 1 £1.5.0
James Carruthers Esqr of Warnbie in Dumfries Richard Bryce Footman 1 1 £1.5.0
Mrs Mcvitty Vintr. [Vintner] in Dumfries James Thomson
Luke Newon
2 2 £2.10.0
John Welsh Maxwell Esqr of Steelston John Maxwell Mercht. [Merchant] Game keeper 1 1 £1.5.0
Mr David Glen writter in Dumfries David Blunt Mercht [Merchant] Game keeper 1 1 £1.5.0
Francis Short Esqr of Currance in Dumfries William Richardson Mercht [Merchant] Game keeper 1 1 £1.5.0
John Wilson Esqr of Bogrie in Dumfries James McCaskie Candle Maker Game keeper 1 1 £1.5.0
19 16 3 £24.10.0

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Survey of the MALE SERVANTS TAX in the Burgh of Dumfries
from the 5th of April 1788 to the 5th April 1789 by William Currie Surveyor

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Proof 16 Servt [Servants] at £1.5.0 Each is £20.0.0
3 Servt [Servants] at £1.10.0 Each is £4.10.0

I William Currie aforesaid do hereby Certify that upon Carefull examination of the foregoing Several Rates and
duties I find they Amount to Twenty Four pound Ten Shillings Sterling and that upon the 26th day of Dec [December] 1788 I delivered
to Mr Francis Maxwell Collr [Collector] for the Burgh Aforesaid an Exact duplicate of the foregoing which Contained my Oath that
Requestions were left with the Several Inhabitants or at their dwelling Houses of the date anexed to their Respective Names
and that the Above is an exact Return made by them to me or when that faild by the Best Information I Could Get

William Currie Surveyor

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