Land tax rolls for Wigtownshire, volume 03

Page Proprietor & Land Valuation A Valuation B Valuation (Total) Transcribe other information Transcriber's notes
E106/34/3/1 Earl of Galloway (for lands in the Parishes of Penninghame, Wigtown and Whithorn). £4907.0.0 £48.3.11
E106/34/3/1 Lady McEachern (for lands in the Parishes of Sorbie and Kirkinner). £3983.0.0 £39.2.7
E106/34/3/1 [Totals] £8890.0.0 £87.6.6
E106/34/3/1 SCHEME for APPORTIONMENT of OLD VALUED RENT and LAND TAX applicable to the whole lands of the Galloway Estates in the County of Wigtown at date of last allocation in 1909. Prior to the Sale of the Galloway House Portion of the Estates, the Old Valued Rent of the whole Lands of the Galloway Estates in the County of Wigtown, according to the Cess Books and Land Tax Roll, amounted to £8890 Scots, and the Land Tax to £87. 6. 6. The lands sold with Galloway House compresed the whole lands in the Parishes of Sorbie and Kirkinner, and by authority of the Comptroller of In- land Revenue (No. 1476) dated 30th November 1909, the Valued Rent and Land Tax were apportioned as follows:- Valued Land Earl of Galloway (for lands in the Parishes Rent Tax of Penninghame, Wigtown and Whithorn). £4907.-.- £48.3.11 Lady McEachern (for lands in the Parishes of Sorbie and Kirkinner). £3983.-.- £39.2.7 ----------------------------------------- £8890.-.- £87.6.6 ----------------------------------------- The Real Rents of the lands of the Parishes of Penninghame, Wigtown and Whithorn in the possession of the Earl of Galloway at the date of the above allocation amount for the year 1921-22 to £8937. Under the disposition of the Farm of Carsegowan to Mr William Lindsay in 1919 the proportion of the Valued Rent applicable to this holding was stated to be £69.18.9 and of Land Tax 13/9. After allowing for this apportionment the remaining Valued Rent represents a valued rent of 11/1.63 Scots for each £1 stg of Real Rent, or £ Stg. for each £100 Stg. of Real Rent. The Land Tax apportioned in similar manner represents a tax of 2.35d. Stg. for each £1 Scots of Valued Rent, or 1.29d Stg. for each £1 Stg. of Real Rent. The portions of the Old Valued Rent and of Land Tax calculated on this basis are shown in the Schedule appended. (Sgd) COWAN & STEWART Agents for the Earl of Galloway. 13 Castle Street, Edinburgh, 30th August 1922. Note:- Lots subsequently sold have purchasers' names entered in red ink and are marked X where allocation in Dis- position.
E106/34/3/2 Real Rent Sterling Valued Rent Scots Land Tax Sterling
E106/34/3/2 East Kirkland -- William Ferguson £150.0.0 £83.10.5 £0.16.6
E106/34/3/2 Maidland Shank -- Sir P.H. McClelland £25.0.0 £13.18.5 £0.2.9
E106/34/3/2 West Kirkland -- A.S. Allan £180.0.0 £100.4.6 £0.19.8
E106/34/3/2 Maidland £375.0.0 £208.16.1 £2.1.3
E106/34/3/2 Low Cotland (Part of) -- Sir P.H. McClelland £26.0.0 £14.9.6 £0.2.10
E106/34/3/2 Low Cotland £150.0.0 £83.10.5 £0.16.6
E106/34/3/2 Cotland -- Sir P.H. McClelland £230.0.0 £128.1.4 £1.5.1
E106/34/3/2 X New Milns -- John McDowell. £149.0.0 £82.19.4 £0.16.4
E106/34/3/2 X Clauchrie -- John Black £240.0.0 £133.12.8 £1.6.3
E106/34/3/2 X Kirvennie -- William Walker. £300.0.0 £167.0.11 £1.12.10
E106/34/3/2 Little Broadfield £64.0.0 £35.12.8 £0.7.1
E106/34/3/2 Broadfield -- William Templeton. £160.0.0 £89.1.10 £0.17.6
E106/34/3/2 X Culquhirk -- William Templeton £114.0.0 £63.9.7 £0.12.6
E106/34/3/2 X Borrowmoss -- John Smith. £45.0.0 £136.8.4 £1.6.9
E106/34/3/2 Drovepark -- Alexander Turnbull £130.0.0 £72.7.9 £0.14.2
E106/34/3/2 Glenturk -- A. S. Allan. £200.0.0 £111.7.3 £1.1.10
E106/34/3/2 Glenturk/
E106/34/3/2 [Page] 2 SCHEDULE PARISH of WIGTOWN
E106/34/3/2 Red "X" marked to the left of New Milns, Clauchrie, Kirvennie, Culquhirk and Borrowmoss holdings. These holdings have their proprietors names in red too. This signifies lots subsequently sold - see page E106/34/3/1
E106/34/3/3 Real Rent Sterling Valued Rent Scots Land Tax Sterling
E106/34/3/3 X Glenturk Moorhead -- R. McKinna £42.0.0 £23.7.8 £0.4.6
E106/34/3/3 Cairnhouse -- J.M. Matthews £140.0.0 £77.19.1 £0.15.4
E106/34/3/3 X Auchleand -- James McMaster £223.0.0 £124.3.4 £1.4.4
E106/34/3/3 X Auchleand Croft -- James McMaster £34.0.0 £18.18.7 £0.3.9
E106/34/3/3 Wood of Auchleand -- C.S. Stubbs £90.0.0 £50.2.3 £0.9.9
E106/34/3/3 Causewayend (Penninghame) -- Andrew McQuaker £95.0.0 £52.18.0 £0.10.5
E106/34/3/3 X Carslae & Carsegowan Croft -- William Templeton £220.0.0 £122.10.0 £1.3.11
E106/34/3/3 Carslae Croft -- D. & A. Ross £20.0.0 £11.2.9 £0.2.2
E106/34/3/3 Carsegowan (Apportioned in Disposition) -- William Lindsay £0.0.0 £0.0.0 £0.0.0
E106/34/3/3 Sourhip (Part of) -- William Ferguson £23.0.0 £12.16.1 £0.2.6
E106/34/3/3 Sourhip (Part of) -- William Ferguson £0.0.0 £0.0.0 £0.0.0
E106/34/3/3 Auld and Maxwell's Acres £13.0.0 £7.4.9 £0.1.4
E106/34/3/3 Nellie Acres -- Mrs. Eliza MacRobert £9.0.0 £5.0.3 £0.0.11
E106/34/3/3 X Maidland (part of) -- Bolin McGeoch £7.0.0 £3.17.11 £0.0.9
E106/34/3/3 Lightlands £16.0.0 £8.18.2 £0.1.9
E106/34/3/3 [Total] £3670.0.0 £2043.9.10 £20.1.3
E106/34/3/3 [Page] 3 SCHEDULE PARISH of WIGTOWN
E106/34/3/3 Transcriber's notes Red "X" marked to the left of Glenturk Moorhead, Auchleand Croft, Carselae and Carsegowan Croft and Maidland holdings. These holdings have their proprietors names in red too. This signifies lots subsequently sold - see page
E106/34/3/4 Real Rent Sterling Valued Rent Scots Land Tax Sterling
E106/34/3/4 X Park and Loudon Hill -- John Skilling £182.0.0 £101.6.10 £0.19.10
E106/34/3/4 Baltersan Croft and Carty Tile Works -- David Crawford £38.0.0 £21.3.2 £0.4.1
E106/34/3/4 Moss of Cree -- A.H. McNeill £25.0.0 £13.18.5 £0.2.9
E106/34/3/4 Baltersan and Clary -- John Hewetson £456.0.0 £253.18.2 £2.10.0
E106/34/3/4 Lower Baltersan -- W.R. Ferries £8.0.0 £4.9.1 £0.0.10
E106/34/3/4 Carsenestock £200.0.0 £111.7.3 £1.1.10
E106/34/3/4 Polwhilly -- John Scott £180.0.0 £100.4.6 £0.19.8
E106/34/3/4 X Grange of Cree -- Messrs McKie £360.0.0 £200.9.0 £1.19.6
E106/34/3/4 Carse and Garden of Clary -- A.H. McNeill £100.0.0 £55.13.8 £0.11.1
E106/34/3/4 Barsalloch -- A. McGill's Reps. [Representatives] £270.0.0 £150.6.10 £1.9.6
E106/34/3/4 X Knockstocks -- Robert Scott £130.0.0 £72.7.9 £0.14.2
E106/34/3/4 X Old Hall and Part Corsbie -- Robert Scott £143.0.0 £79.12.6 £0.15.9
E106/34/3/4 X Grass Fields - Part Corsbie -- Robert Scott £21.0.0 £11.13.10 £0.2.4
E106/34/3/4 X Heugh Mill Fields -- Robert Scott £40.0.0 £22.5.5 £0.4.4
E106/34/3/4 Corsbie/
E106/34/3/4 Lots subsequently sold have purchasers' names entered in red ink on the original documents and are marked with X - refer E106/34/3/1
E106/34/3/5 Holding -- Proprietors of Lots Sold Real Rent Sterling. Valued Rent Scots. Land Tax Sterling.
E106/34/3/5 £. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d.
E106/34/3/5 X Corsbie Farm. -- Robert Scott. £131.0.0 £72.18.11 £0.14.4
E106/34/3/5 X Grass Field - Part Corsbie. -- Robert Scott. £15.0.0 £8.7.0 £0.1.7
E106/34/3/5 Grass Fields - Part Corsbie. £15.0.0 £8.7.0 £0.1.7
E106/34/3/5 X High Barbuchany. -- John W. Agnew. £80.0.0 £44.10.10. £0.8.9
E106/34/3/5 X Barrhill. -- James Craig Ltd. £132.0.0 £73.10.0 £0.14.5
E106/34/3/5 X Grass Fields - Part Corvisel. -- David Frew £59.0.0 £32.17.0 £0.6.6
E106/34/3/5 Barbuchany. £162.0.0 £90.4.1 £0.17.9
E106/34/3/5 X Moorpark of Barr -- Robert D. Currie. £84.0.0 £46.15.5 £0.9.2
E106/34/3/5 X Nether Barr and Barrhill Wood. -- James Craig Ltd. £150.0.0 £83.10.5 £0.16.6
E106/34/3/5 X Upper Barr. -- Robert Hewetson. £385.0.0 £214.7.5 £2.2.1
E106/34/3/5 X Clachan of Penninghame and Barwhirran Croft. -- William Campbell £98.0.0 £54.11.5 £0.10.10
E106/34/3/5 Mains/
E106/34/3/5 [Page] 5 PARISH of PENNINGHAME (contd). [continued] Note:- Lots subsequently sold have purchasers' names entered in red ink and are marked X where allocation in Disposition.
E106/34/3/6 Holding -- Proprietors of Lots Sold Real Rent Sterling. Valued Rent Scots. Land Tax Sterling.
E106/34/3/6 £. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d.
E106/34/3/6 X Mains of Penninghame and Barwhirran. -- William McConachie. £400.0.0 £222.14.6 £2.3.10
E106/34/3/6 Parts Corvisel (not offered for Sale). £51.0.0 £28.8.11 £0.5.6
E106/34/3/6 £3939.0.0 £2193.6.8 £21.11.1
E106/34/3/6 [Page] 6 PARISH of PENNINGHAME (contd). [continued] Note:- Lots subsequently sold have purchasers' names entered in red ink and are marked X where allocation in Disposition.
E106/34/3/7 Holding -- Proprietors of Lots Sold Real Rent Sterling. Valued Rent Scots. Land Tax Sterling.
E106/34/3/7 £. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d.
E106/34/3/7 Part Bishopton. -- John Vance. £90.0.0 £50.2.3 £0.9.10
E106/34/3/7 Part Bishopton. -- P.W. McQueen. £147.0.0 £81.17.1 £0.16.1
E106/34/3/7 Part Bishopton -- (S.C.W.S. Ltd). £59.0.0 £32.17.0 £0.6.6
E106/34/3/7 Part Bishopton. -- S.C.W.S. Ltd. £100.0.0 £55.13.8 £0.11.1
E106/34/3/7 Catyans. -- W.C. Lawrie. £100.0.0 £55.13.8 £0.11.1
E106/34/3/7 Broompark. -- A.A. Muir. £80.0.0 £44.10.10 £0.8.7
E106/34/3/7 Part Meikle Fey. -- Archibald Edgar. £28.0.0 £15.11.10 £0.3.0
E106/34/3/7 Part Meikle Fey. -- W.C. Lawrie. £54.0.0 £30.1.4 £0.5.10
E106/34/3/7 Priory Croft. -- William Farrell. £9.0.0 £5.0.3 £0.1.0
E106/34/3/7 Smith's Croft. -- Alexander Anderson. (now H.K. Campbell). £16.0.0 £8.18.2 £0.1.9
E106/34/3/7 Enoch. £63.0.0 £35.1.7 £0.6.10
E106/34/3/7 Part Common Park. -- S.C.W.S. Ltd. £16.0.0 £8.18.2 £0.1.9
E106/34/3/7 Part Bishopton. -- John Vance. £26.0.0 £14.9.6 £0.2.9
E106/34/3/7 Hillhead -- S.C.W.S. Ltd. £48.0.0 £26.14.6 £0.5.3
E106/34/3/7 Part Common Park. -- S.C.W.S. Ltd. £26.0.0 £14.9.6 £0.2.9
E106/34/3/7 Part Common Park. -- S.C.W.S. Ltd. £50.0.0 £27.16.9 £0.5.6
E106/34/3/7 Part Bishopton. -- S.C.W.S. Ltd. £100.0.0 £55.13.8 £0.11.1
E106/34/3/7 Public/
E106/34/3/7 [Page] 7 PARISH OF WHITHORN.
E106/34/3/8 Holding -- Proprietors of Lots Sold Real Rent Sterling. Valued Rent Scots. Land Tax Sterling.
E106/34/3/8 £. s. d. £. s. d. £. s. d.
E106/34/3/8 Public Park. -- Whithorn Burgh. £18.0.0 £10.0.6 £0.1.11
E106/34/3/8 Castlehill. £32.0.0 £17.16.4 £0.3.6
E106/34/3/8 Goosedub. -- William McGowan. £16.0.0 £8.18.2 £0.1.9
E106/34/3/8 £1078.0.0 £600.4.9 £5.17.10
E106/34/3/8 ABSTRACT.
E106/34/3/8 Parish of Wigtwon. £3670.0.0 £2043.9.10 £20.1.3
E106/34/3/8 Parish of Penninghame. £3939.0.0 £2193.6.8 £21.11.1
E106/34/3/8 Parish of Whithorn. £1078.0.0 £600.4.9 £5.17.10
E106/34/3/8 Lands of Carsegowan, apportioned in Disposition. £250.0.0 £69.18.9 £0.13.9
E106/34/3/8 £8937.0.0 £4907.0.0 £48.3.11
E106/34/3/8 [Page] 8 PARISH of WHITHORN. (contd). [continued] Note:- Lots subsequently sold have purchasers' names entered in red ink and are marked X where allocation in Disposition.
E106/34/3/10 Glasserton Parish
E106/34/3/10 Sir William Maxwell of Monreith Baronet the lands of Carleton, Slate Heugh Croft, Meikle Craiglemine Little Craiglemine, Appleby Toun, Appleby Mill Croft - Cairndoon - Knock, Garrarie - Larroch and Larioch hill - Longmaidens and Horse park of Barmeal - Moor of Barmeal Dowies & Meadow and Fell of Muir - Drumfad - Blairbuir - Fell of Barhullion Stellochs - Waulk Miln Croft and Croft of Monreith - Milns and Miln Lands of Monreith - White fields of Balcraig,
E106/34/3/10 Moor of Balcraig - Drummaddie, Barwannock - Clerks burn Croft - House and garden formerly belonging to the waulk miln and house and Smithy at Clerk'sburn - Amount Nineteen hundred and forty two pounds fifteen shillings and four pennies Scots £1942.15.4
E106/34/3/10 James Stewart of Glasserton Esquire The Lands of, Meikle hills - Little hills (£44 Scots) Laggan - Claymaddie - Reuchan Challochblewan and Kirkland Green £1248.3.0
E106/34/3/10 and the Lands of Craigdon £147.0.0
E106/34/3/10 Amount thirteen hundred and ninety five pounds three shillings Scots £1395.3.0
E106/34/3/10 The Earl of Galloway The Lands of Nether Arrow - Arbrack Upper Ersock and Nether Arrow - Amount Five hundred and thirty five pounds six shillings and four pennies £535.6.4
E106/34/3/10 Robert Hathorn Stewart Esq. of Physgill The Lands of Physgill and Kidsdale, Amount three Hundred and fifty one pounds ten shillings Scots £351.10.0
E106/34/3/10 over £4224.14.8
E106/34/3/10 Robert
E106/34/3/10 [page] 9 COPY. GALLOWAY ESTATES. SCHEME OF APPORTIONMENT of OLD VALUED RENT and LAND TAX 1922 COWAN & STEWART, W.S. [Writer to the Signet] [page] 10 Copy Valuation Roll of the County of Wigtoun made up by the Commisioners of Supply thereof upon the 22d day of February 1799 as entered in their Sederunt Book.- Glasserton Parish [signed] George McHaffie
E106/34/3/12 Glasserton brot [brought] forward £4224.14.8
E106/34/3/12 Robert Stewart Esq. of Castle Stewart The Lands of Mains of Castle Stewart The Lands of Cronnan and the Lands of Dalmrae. Amount two hundred and forty three pounds four shillings Scots £243.4.0
E106/34/3/12 Total Four thousand four hundred and sixty seven pounds 18/8d. [shillings pennies] Scots which agrees with the valuation book of the County 1667. £4467.18.8
E106/34/3/12 Inch Parish
E106/34/3/12 The Earl of Stair For the lands formerly belonging to the Earl of Cassilis, Lesnol, over Cleurie, The Earl of Cassilis's lands [-dened] with a part of Craigecaffies valuation as marked in the old valuation book. The lands purchased from Cragcaffie: The lands excambient with the sheriff, [Drumjargon] and Auchenveen, Nether Mark, Assendar Meikle Larg, Balnal, Craigcaffie, Sheuchan and Little Larg £4560.13.4
E106/34/3/12 Mrs Frances Ann Wallace Agnew alia Dunlop For the Estate of Lochryan comprehending the lands of Cairn Croach, and other grounds the farms and other possessions thereon, are now named as follows viz. Meikle and Little Lights, Cairnmuir park, Blackpark, Laird's hill and sheep hill park, Pillymaddie, Back Lands, South Sands - Burnfoot, Sleeve Park, Middle Sands, Dalhoble, Firyard park and Little Glen Park Gardens and Line kiln Park, Cairnhill, [surrie] Park, and Glen Meadow Park, Croach, South and North [C]
E106/34/3/12 over £4560.13.4
E106/34/3/12 Inch Brot [Brought] forward £4560.13.4
E106/34/3/12 North Cladyhouses, Dilhabbock, Brockloch, South half common, as also the village of Mackay and gardens thereunto belonging, together with a number of Parks and inclosures lying contiguous not particularly named or described £574.13.4
E106/34/3/12 William Mcdowall Esq. of Garthland's Lands comprehending the Lands of Duchera, Meikle and Little Lochans with Miln and Moss farm, Culmick, Culmuck Croft and Culgrange, Meikle and Little Culroachs, Farrenluce, Muleleys, Dumbay, and Balminnoch now called Mount pleasant in cumulo amount ot £464.0.0
E106/34/3/12 Thomas Adair Esqr Little Genoch £100.0.0
E106/34/3/12 John Maitland Esq. of Freugh For the Lands of Auchmantle £100.0.0
E106/34/3/12 Sir Hugh Dalrymple For High Mark £54.13.4
E106/34/3/12 Sir John Dalrymple Hay For the Lands of Nether Clenrie in which Glenterrow beloning to the Earl of Stair in included £95.0.0
E106/34/3/12 and, therefore, he petitions for a separation.
E106/34/3/12 By the Collecting Roll at present Nether Clennie is stated at £100; though in the old authenticated Cess book it is with Glenterrow £95 which makes a difference of £5 as appears in the summing up £5949.0.0
E106/34/3/12 To this observation of Sir John Dalrymple Hay William Leggat states that Sir John has been in theuse of paying parochial burdens and stands in [C]
E106/34/3/12 [page] 11 2. The Earl of Stair [notes] E. [Earl] of Stair whiteleys £48 All now Earl of Stair. O.V.R. [Old Valued Rent] P Comp[--] Book Whits [Whitsunday] Term 1828 cr. chr. [crown charter] to E. [Earl] of Stair £464 Scots [signed] George McHaffie [page] 12 3. [signed] George McHaffie
E106/34/3/14 in the supply roll for his Clendry at £100 of valuation and that over Clendry and Glenterrow are valued at £95 and both of these farms are the property of the Earl of Stair and were both acquired by John Viscount of Stair in the 1699 from Linn of Larg.
E106/34/3/14 To these observations Sir John states that Nether Clendry is not stated in the authenticated Supply roll at £100 and that Glenterrow is not stated there with Over Clendry which belongs to the Earl of Stair, but with Nether Clendry belonging to Sir John and therefore craves separation.
E106/34/3/14 Mr. Leggat waves making any rejoinder to the above as these observations can neither be judged nor determined by this meeting reserving to the Earl of Stair everything competent when the business is regularly brought forward
E106/34/3/14 Kirkcolm Parish
E106/34/3/14 The Earl of Galloway
E106/34/3/14 His lands and Barony of Corswall comprehending the Mains of Corswall now called Barnhills - The Lands of Knockneen - Cairnbowie and Knocktim - The Lands of North Cairn - South Cairn and North Bark - The five shilling land - The lands of Auchleach - The Lands of East Balscalloch - The Lands of North and South Losset - The Lands of Laigh and High Portencallie
E106/34/3/14 The Co. [Continued]
E106/34/3/14 The Lands of High Ardwell - West Kirkbride and East Kirkbride - The lands of Portmullen - The lands of Mahaar Auchtiffie and Mealing Knol and Laigh Ardwell - The lands of Balgowan and the lands of Milntown Miln and Doulach and Glengayers, as also the lands of Over and Nether Clauchans now called Fineview and High Clachans - The Croft of Dalkist - The lands of Knockoid or Knockcoat and the lands of Ervie £2659.13.4
E106/34/3/14 The Earl of Stair
E106/34/3/14 For the lands formerly belonging to the Earl of Cassillis now annexed quoad sacra to Leswalt £522.0.0
E106/34/3/14 Sir Stair Agnew Baronet
E106/34/3/14 For the following farms as they are presently named viz - Marslaugh, Kirminock, Kirronrea alias [Kirllenrae] Kirkland, Clendry High and Laigh Salchries £418.0.0
E106/34/3/14 Miss Campbell
E106/34/3/14 For the lands of Airries and Knockbrae £317.0.0
E106/34/3/14 Robert Hannah Esquire
E106/34/3/14 For the Lands of Balsarroch £101.0.0
E106/34/3/14 Major John Ross
E106/34/3/14 For the Lands of Cairnbrock £67.6.8
E106/34/3/14 Total valuation of this Parish £4085.0.0
E106/34/3/14 Kirkcowan Co. [Continued]
E106/34/3/14 [Page] 13 4. & 5. [Signed] George McHaffie
E106/34/3/14 "Annotations in red and/or green ink have not been transcribed."
E106/34/3/20 Kirkmaiden Parish
E106/34/3/20 John McDouall of Logan Esqr. The Mains of Logan in different divisions Balkelly Auchabuck - High and Low Achens - Chapelrossan and Long Rigg - Eldrigs - Myrrachs - High and Low Portnessocks - The two Terrallys - Kirkbryde - Kilumpha - High and Low Grennans - High and Low Kilstays - High and Low Garrachtrees -
E106/34/3/20 High and Low Clonyards - Miln and Miln lands of Logan Miln and Milnlands of Clonyard - Portencorkries Laigh Slock and Miln - Inshanks - Milnmain's Croft Crechan and Currachtrees - Maryport and Alton Curghie Mill and Cairn - In all £3181.15.0
E106/34/3/20 The Earl of Stair For the lands and Barony of Drummore £853.10.0
E106/34/3/20 John McTaggart Esq of Ardwell For the lands of East and West Carngran Auchnaught and High Slock £358.15.0
E106/34/3/20 conform to the old valuation roll of 1667 And for a Park at Kirkmaiden formerly belonging to the Earl of Cassils, which Mr. Hannay of Grennan thinks belongs to Mr. Maitland of Balgreggan - at least he believes that from Mr. Maitland having a Croft in said Parish, no person having appeared for or on account of Mr Maitland - if not it must fall upon Logan £6.0.0
E106/34/3/20 £4400.0.0
E106/34/3/20 Leswalt Co. [Continued]
E106/34/3/20 11. Leswalt Parish
E106/34/3/20 Sir Stair Agnew of Lochnaw Baronet for the lands as mentioned underneath Viz The Sheriff's lands together with Galdenoch, Auchniel, - Kirkland - and the lands now belonging to him from the excambion betwixt the Earl of Stair and Sir Andrew Agnew the valuation of the whole by the Cess Book is in Scots money £1743.0.0
E106/34/3/20 Earl of Stair
E106/34/3/20 for the lands formerly belonging to the Earl of Cassilis after deducting the lands belonging to Sir Stair Agnew £642.0.0
E106/34/3/20 Challoch £59.6.8 £701.6.8
E106/34/3/20 Robert Vans Agnew Esquire of Sheuchan
E106/34/3/20 For the lands of five Merk land of Larg or Larg Liddsdale with the Croft of land called St John's Croft and that pendicile of said land called Twenty shilling land of Marks alias Meikle Mark £500.0.0
E106/34/3/20 The Burgh of Stranraer £10.0.0
E106/34/3/20 £2954.6.8
E106/34/3/20 Mochram Co. [Continued]
E106/34/3/20 [Page] 19 10. & 11. [Note] 350 in this Ph. [Parish] accounted for in F. 1976 [Signed] George McHaffie
E106/34/3/20 Annotations in red and/or green ink have not been transcribed.
E106/34/3/22 Sir William Maxwell of Monreith Baronet The lands of Airrieslland, Fore and back Bar Miltons, old Mill and Croft. The lands of Eldrig Curhulloch, Boghouse, Glentriplohs, Carsduchn Skate, Barsalloch, Lower Croft, Holms Croft, Lanberrick Meikle Killantrae, Little Kilantrae, Drumbroddan, Moor Mains, Mains of Merton, Dowrie, Airlour, Drumskeog, Clone and Drughtag, Amounting to Two thousand and one hundred and thirty four pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies Scots £2134.13.4
E106/34/3/22 The Earl of Dumfries The lands of Gargarie, Garchrew, Corwall, Brae, Airylich, Maye, Laigh Glenling, Craiglairie, Craighilloch, Craigeach, Halfmark, Challochglass, Drumdow, Parkhills and Drumwall Amount Seven hundred and Thirty eight pounds Scots £738.0.0
E106/34/3/22 The Earl of Galloway The lands of Chilcarroh, Drumnescat and Auchingallie £194.0.0
E106/34/3/22 The said Earl for the following lands lately purchased from the Earl of Selkirk Esqr. Whitedykes Alliewhillart, Downan and Crailoch £225.6.8 £419.6.8
E106/34/3/22 William McConnell Esq. Wigtown The lands of Alticry and Dumblair
E106/34/3/22 Amount over £3292.0.0
E106/34/3/22 Mochrum Brot. [Brought] forward £3292.0.0
E106/34/3/22 Amount on hundred and fifty seven pounds ten shillings scots £157.10.0
E106/34/3/22 Mr Thomas Heron The lands of Shippermor, amount one hundred and sixty four pounds 10p [pennies] Scots £164.10.0
E106/34/3/22 Mr. W. Meckan Stranraer The lands of Chang, Amount one hundred and thirty three pounds 6/8d [£0.6.8] £133.6.8
E106/34/3/22 Thomas Adair Esq. of Genoch The lands of Derrie, Amount Eighty pounds Scots £80.0.0
E106/34/3/22 Mr. Alexander Vans in Knockann The lnds of Barrachan, Amount Sixty thre pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies Scots £63.13.4
E106/34/3/22 Alexander McKenna The lands of Clantibuys Twelve pounds Scots £12.0.0
E106/34/3/22 The Crown as come in plae of the Bishop of Galloway for the Teinds of Mochrum formerly paid by the Earls of Galloway, now by the Deans of the Chapel Royal £236.0.0
E106/34/3/22 £4139.0.0
E106/34/3/22 Total Four Thousand one hundred and thirty nine pounds Scots, which agrees with the Valuation book 1667.
E106/34/3/22 [Page] 22 12. & 13. Mochrum Parish [Signed] George McHaffie
E106/34/3/22 Annotations in red and/or green ink have not been transcribed.
E106/34/3/24 Earl of Stair His Lordship's cumulo valuation in both Parishes The farms are In old Luce, Dawaird, Dalskelping Casgrove, Glenjory, Grayshill, High and Laigh Dargoals, Annibaglish, Culroy, Challochmuir, Castlesinniness, South Milton, North Milton, Nether Sinnieness, Barnsallie, North Glenhoul, Whitecairn, Meikle Barlockhart, Vickers hill, Blackhill, Campbell's Croft and Culquasen; And in New Luce, Craigeoch, Markdow ,Muirclaugh, Glenwhillie Langarn, Darnimow, Glenkillen, Pulladie - Dougeries Croft, Hillfeath £3658.3.4
E106/34/3/24 Sir John Dalrymple Hay His valuation of Park Estate in Old Luce in cumulo comprehending the following Lands. Borland, Challoch Bark, Kilfillan, Balcarie, Diochdool, Blerderrie, Balmish, Back of Wall, Camrie, Cowpark, Barlae, Old Park, Auchenminister Moal, Craigenholly, W. Wellparks, Wood of Darvaird, Meadow park, Gaist hall, Windyhall, Sower Croft, Stocking hill, Bellstrand, Stewart's Croft, Smithy holm, Killcroft, Bridge Mill Croft, Dampark, Muiryett and Honey Pigg. £1966.13.4
E106/34/3/24 Over £1966.13.4 £3658.3.4
E106/34/3/24 Old and New Luce Bro. [Brought] forward £1966.13.4 £3658.3.4
E106/34/3/24 His Dunragget Estate in Old Luce Meikle Dunragget £178.0.0
E106/34/3/24 Little Dunragget & Craigenveoch £170.0.0
E106/34/3/24 Craig and Airriehemming £200.0.0
E106/34/3/24 His Lands in New Luce Balmurrie £70.0.0
E106/34/3/24 Dalnegess £50.0.0
E106/34/3/24 Kilmafadzean £30.0.0
E106/34/3/24 £2664.13.4
E106/34/3/24 Thomas Adair Esq. of Genoch -- Auchenmalg £133.6.8
E106/34/3/24 Machermore and Knock £200.0.0
E106/34/3/24 Barhasking £90.0.0
E106/34/3/24 £423.6.8
E106/34/3/24 William Leggat Esq. -- Little Barlockhart £71.0.0
E106/34/3/24 Mr. Adolphus Ross -- Crews £105.0.0
E106/34/3/24 Alexander Hannay Esq.-- Grennan £112.0.0
E106/34/3/24 John Cathcart Esq. of Genoch Genoch High, Low and Midd Torrs and Whitecrook (F. [Feu] 1160) £536.15.0*
E106/34/3/24 Mr. Johnston Gillespie and Craignarget (Earl of Stair - Supr. [Superior] of part £150.0.0; Marq. [Marquis] of Ailsa No £250.0.0 £400.0.0*
E106/34/3/24 Mr. Sproat Airtfield (F. [Feu] 1160) £95.0.0*
E106/34/3/24 Mr. W. Meikan Miltoun (F. [Feu] 995) £80.0.0*
E106/34/3/24 John Ross Esquire Gass and Gasshead (Marq. [Marquis] of Ailsa - Supr. [Superior] - F. [Feu] 998 £72.0.0*
E106/34/3/24 £8217.18.4
E106/34/3/24 14 Old and New Luce Parishes [In margin] * (F. [Feu] 1432) Blairderrie & Barley £110 HC George McHaffie 15 [In margin] * F. [Feu] 1234 Craigenroech £170.0.0 Scots The above sum of £8217.18.4 is according to the present roll of payment but the valuation book 1667 markes the sum total of the two Parishes £8256.16.4 Deficiency £38.18.0 HC [Signature] George McHappie [Foot of pages] 23 -- 24 [in different hand]
E106/34/3/26 It is to observed that in the old valuation book Creoch or Creos with which Little Barlockhart seems to have been joined, is stated at £236.4.8
E106/34/3/26 Whereas they pay at present £176.0.0
E106/34/3/26 and further that in the said book Craigock belonging to the Earl of Stair is included with Airuehemming and [Dalnegef] belonging to Sir John Hay at --- £378.13.4
E106/34/3/26 out of which Sir John pays for Airriehemming and [Dalnegef] the sum of --£150.0.0
E106/34/3/26 and for his farm of Craig which is not mentioned in said book ---100.00 250.00
E106/34/3/26 which makes £250 of the £378.13.4 and upon what lands the deficiency of £38.18.0 [the other deficiency being somehow made up] will fall the official Committee or General Meeting may determine.
E106/34/3/26 Excerpt from Minutes of Meeting of Corn missioners of Supply of Wigtownshire held at Wigtown Twenty Second February Seventeen hundred and ninety nine years.
E106/34/3/26 "And the Meeting having attended to what is stated in the said General Report respecting the deficiency of Thirty eight pounds Eighteen shilling Scots in the united Parishes of Old and New Luce they approve of laying the said deficiency upon the lands of Craigoch belonging to the Earl of Stair
E106/34/3/26 which do not appear to lie otherways valued, and declare that sum to be the valuation of these lands accordingly"
E106/34/3/26 Geo McHattie [signed]
E106/34/3/26 Penningham Co [continued]
E106/34/3/26 Penningham Parish
E106/34/3/26 The Earl of Galloway
E106/34/3/26 His lands of Balsalloch, Grange of Cree, Polwhillie, Carsmestock, Carse of Clary, The Mains of Clary
E106/34/3/26 comprehending the Garden of Clary , Mid park of Clary, Causewayend Croft, and Smiths Croft, The lands of Mains of Penningham and Crofts, The Glebe of Penningham,
E106/34/3/26 Penningham park, and Lowdon hill, The lands of Baltersan, Over Barr, Nether Barr, Barwhirran, Barvennan, Barlanghlin, Barraer, The lands of Corvisel, Barbuchany, Barnkirk,
E106/34/3/26 Clauchrum Skeath, Barskeoch, Little Eldrig, Meikle Eldrig, Glenvogie, Blackquarters, Garwauchy, Glassock, Beoch, Kirkcalla, Meikle Castle, Little Castle, The lands of Garchrew, Glenvernock, Glenluckoch, Ochiltree, [Glenrudder],
E106/34/3/26 and Mill thereof, The lands of Kirkhobble, Knockville, and Glenhapples, The lands and Estate of Grange consisting of the farms of Grange, Barrachan, Bartrostan, High Threave, Low Threave, Kendie hill, Knockenthreave and Boatman's Croft,
E106/34/3/26 The lands of Over and Nether Glasnocks and Killeal, The lands of Knockbrae, The lands of Temple Croft, The lands of Little Fintalloch [Fyntalloch]
E106/34/3/26 called Waterside, being the whole property his Lordship has in this Parish at this date. Amount Five thousand four hundred and twenty five pounds five shillings and one penny Scots - - - £5425.5.1
E106/34/3/26 William Douglas Esq. of Castle Douglas
E106/34/3/26 His lands and Barony of Newton Douglas
E106/34/3/26 comprehending Co [continued] over £5425.5.1
E106/34/3/26 Geo McHattie [signed]
E106/34/3/26 [Page] 26 18. & 17 [Signed] George McHaffie
E106/34/3/26 "Annotations in red and/or green ink have not been transcribed."
E106/34/3/28 Penningham Bro [brought] forward £5425.5.1
E106/34/3/28 comprehending the lands aforementioned viz. [Cairbie] Challoch, low part of Culcreuch, High part of ditto no called [Creuves]. High part of Glenrazie, low part of ditto. Gallowhill, Garden Croft of Culcreuchie and Broadmeadow, [?ing] the whole of his property in said Parish at this date. Amount three hundred and seventy one pounds Scots. £371.0.0
E106/34/3/28 Edward Boyd Esq [Esquire] of Mertonhall
E106/34/3/28 The lands of Mains of Merton, Barnean, Culbratten and Hazie Green. Amount One hundred and Eighty five pounds ten shillings and eight pennies. £185.10.8
E106/34/3/28 Mr Adam Blain.
E106/34/3/28 The lands of Kirkabrist and Killimow £100.0.0
E106/34/3/28 Doctor John Scott, the lands of Culloch £34.14.3
E106/34/3/28 Alexander McNarin of Know
E106/34/3/28 The lands of Know £34.10
E106/34/3/28 Total - Six thousand one hundred and fifty one pounds Scots £6151.0.0
E106/34/3/28 Portpatrick Parish
E106/34/3/28 Sir John Hunter Blair of Dunskey Baronet
E106/34/3/28 His lands and Barony of Dunskey, comprehending Killantringan, High and Low Craigbowies and Ochtrymakain, Dinvins, [Moroch Port, alias Port Moulgainoe], Dunskey Castle and Croft, High and Little Pinminnochs, Craigenless, Auchenwie, Mini Crofts, Craig Slave and Croft, Portpatrick and Crofts adjoining with the Miln. By the adjusted supply Roll in 1667. Amount in cumulo to the sum of Scots £946.13.4
E106/34/3/28 And also for his lands of [Kininglass] purchased off the Estate of Sheuchan comprehending Challoch hill, Meikle and Little Knockglass, High and Low Tibberts, Crailoch including Green Know, Crailoch and Mill Crofts as above, amount in cumulo to £190.0.0
E106/34/3/28 Williams McDowall Esq [Esquire] of Garthland
E106/34/3/28 Comprehending the lands of Craigmoodie as above amounting to £80.0.0
E106/34/3/28 The Earl of Stair
E106/34/3/28 The lands formerly belonging to Mr Alexander Adair £146.13.4
E106/34/3/28 The lands formerly Mr Thomas Kennedy's £200.0.0
E106/34/3/28 £346.13.4
E106/34/3/28 Both as valued in the original valuation book
E106/34/3/28 Total valuation of this Parish £1563.6.8
E106/34/3/28 [Signed] George McHaffie
E106/34/3/28 Used to assist in deciphering farm names.
E106/34/3/30 Stoneykirk Parish
E106/34/3/30 William McDowall Esq. of Garthland, his lands and Barony of Garthland comprehending Claycroft, Drumfast, High and Low Milmains, Kirkhill, High and Low Caldons, Eldrick Hill, Auchencloy, Kilbreen and Muir Park, Outer and Inner Blairs, Belvidare and [Carnuckle] Garthlands consisting of little Garthland, old Cow and Calve Parks and gate and Glenlaggoch, Thornhouse, [Corshill Holms] and Meadow. By the adjusted supply role in 1667 amount in cumula to the sum of £760.0.0
E106/34/3/30 Sir John Hunter Blair. His lands of Meikle and Little Portospittals, Portospittal Mill and Morroch Croft, Meoul, Kildonnans, Awhirk and Barnmore, Barnshalloch, as above amount in cumulo to £650.0.0
E106/34/3/30 John Maitland Esq. His lands and Barony anciently called Freugh Elder £876.0.0
E106/34/3/30 Freugh younger £300.0.0
E106/34/3/30 Also the lands acquired by him from the late Mr Agnew of Sheuchan £300.0.0
E106/34/3/30 14/6
E106/34/3/30 John W Taggart Esq of Ardwell. His lands and Barony of Ardwell comprehending High and Low Ardwell, High and Low Auchleach East and West
E106/34/3/30 over £2886.0.0
E106/34/3/30 Stoneykirk bro [brought] forward £2886.0.0
E106/34/3/30 West Carnwell, Ringuineas, Kirkmabruicks, Clauchanmore, Auchirk, [?], Barescarrow, Glenlugh, Kirkmadrain, Torskerton and Mill of Ardwell. Also the barony of Killiester (Killaser) Comprehending the Mains of Ardwell or Marewell=land East and West of Barn Parks, Millpark, Middpark and Mendow, Barhill North and South. Herman hills with Herman Park, Barlaw, Muirpark, Drummow brae, Mosspark and Moat Park, agreeable to the adjusted valuation of 1667 £1408.0.0
E106/34/3/30 Colonel Andrew McDowall Esquire Younger of Logan, his lands and Barony of Culgroat, comprehending Hight and Low Culgroat, [Glenlupplock] and three Mark, two Marks, Eldrick, Dalvadie, [Drumolun] and Allogue or St John's Croft, with the Mill and Mill lands of Kirkmagill £404.0.0
E106/34/3/30 The Bishop of Galloway for his lands in said Parish £95.0.0
E106/34/3/30 Total valuation of this Parish, Scots £4793.0.0
E106/34/3/30 [signed] George McHaffie Noted beside Col. Andrew McDowall: Low Three Mark £52.5.8 Low Culgroat £58.0.4 High Culgroat £69.2.6 Allogne £11.7.6 N [North] Two Mark £39.3.6 S [South] Two Mark £40.18.8 Stentuplock 40 years £133.1.10 £404.0.0
E106/34/3/30 Looking for further clarification on some place names. Local maps and knowledge have provided some of this information, also for maps etc. Annotations in red and green not transcribed.
E106/34/3/32 Sorby Parish
E106/34/3/32 The Earl of Galloway
E106/34/3/32 The lands of Powton, now called Galloway house par (page ends)
E106/34/3/32 The lands of Eggerness, Mill of Moss and Cashivill], the lands of Kilfillan, Langlands and Milnisle, the lands of Sorby Parks, consisting of Inch, Townhead, Midtown, Carwan and Blackdyke, the lands of Baloeir, the lands of [Boudole, the lands of Bushes Croft, the lands of Whitehills and part of Cruggleton and Rigg Croft, received in exchange from Sir Stair Agnew for Balecrosh, and the Barony of Kirkmadryne consisting of Penkiln, Yellon, Innerwell, Arwhall, Meikle and Little Calderness. Also the lands called
E106/34/3/32 Bell's Croft, amount two thousand, five hundred and eighty pounds Scots. £2580.0.0
E106/34/3/32 The law Earl of Galloway
E106/34/3/32 The lands aforementioned lately purchased from the Earl of Selkirk viz. The lands of Cruik Claunch, Killure, Culscadden, Orchardton and Mill of Blain. Amount five hundred & two pounds Scots. £502.0.0
E106/34/3/32 Sir Stair Agnew of Lochnaw Baronet
E106/34/3/32 The lands of Cruggleton & Kevans excepting that part given to Lord Galloway, the lands of Calcrosh, & Loughill Croft, High & Low Culls, Brownhill & Moss-side, Kirkland, Ballien & Balenaleet, Amount six hundred & sixty three pounds 16/8 £663.16.8
E106/34/3/32 Robert Stewart Esq of Castlesteward
E106/34/3/32 The lands of [Barladfrew] , the lands of Culnoag and Culkae, amount three hundred and sixty two pounds six shilligs and eight pennies Scots. £362.6.8
E106/34/3/32 John Hathorn of Castlerigg Esq.
E106/34/3/32 The lands of Blairs, amount Eighty one pounds 6/8 £81.6.8
E106/34/3/32 John McAdam for McAdam's Croft fifteen pounds £15.0.0
E106/34/3/32 Total Four Thousand Two Hundred and Four pounds 10/ Scots. £4201.10
E106/34/3/32 Mulhorn Parish
E106/34/3/32 Lord Galloway, for the lands of Craig £100.0.0
E106/34/3/32 For the lands of Balcray £139.6.8
E106/34/3/32 For one fifth part of the lands of Bispine £38.2.5
E106/34/3/32 For the lands of Polygarroch and Mill [Stunnock Coilet], Stunnock Balconnel, Nether Essock and Mill therof, including Cardside and Smiths Croft, Mains of Whithorn, Fey of Mulhorn, Priory Croft and Goosedul, Bishopton, Craig and Downs and Bailliewhirr £1929.10
E106/34/3/32 Deducting therefrom that part of the lands of Cowan Cowton & Bailliewhirr, sold by Lord Galloway to Captain Hathorn £109.13.4
E106/34/3/32 £1959.16.8
E106/34/3/32 Total of Lord Galloway's lands two thousand two hundred and thirty seven pounds, five shillings and nine pennies Scots £2237.5.9
E106/34/3/32 Lord Galloway for the lands of Tackercroft fifteen pounds £15.0.0
E106/34/3/32 Lord Hathorn of Castlerigg. For three of the lands of Rigg each £101.6.8 £304.0.0
E106/34/3/32 For the lands of Sheogs and Crofts £196.0.0
E106/34/3/32 For Blainsrigg £101.6.8
E106/34/3/32 For the lands of Culcloy £167.10
E106/34/3/32 For the lands of Sheddock £100.0.0
E106/34/3/32 For the lands of Dinnance £183.13.4
E106/34/3/32 For Culreoch, Moroch & Mill of Bisby £450.0.0
E106/34/3/32 For Drummorral £95.0.0
E106/34/3/32 For his part of Balliewhiim & Owton £109.13.4
E106/34/3/32 For Adam Hannay's Croft £28.10
E106/34/3/32 Total valuation of Captain Hathorn's lands one thousand seven hundred and thirty five pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies Scots. £1735.13.4
E106/34/3/32 Robert over £3987.19.1
E106/34/3/32 [signed] George McHaffie
E106/34/3/32 Two pages, LHS followed by RHS. Annotations in green not transcribed.
E106/34/3/34 Whithorn Brot [Brought] forward £3987.19.1
E106/34/3/34 Robert Hawthorn Stewart Esq of Physgill
E106/34/3/34 For the lands of Balnal and half of Isle £104.2.0
E106/34/3/34 For Drummaston & Chipperharran £100.2.8
E106/34/3/34 For Prestrie £216.3.4
E106/34/3/34 For Balsmith £95.0.0
E106/34/3/34 Total of Physgill's lands five hundred and fifteen pounds eight shillings Scots £515.8.0
E106/34/3/34 James Murray Esq of Broughton
E106/34/3/34 For the lands of Broughton Mains £346.8.10
E106/34/3/34 For his lands of Owtons £120.0.0
E106/34/3/34 For Broughton skeog £173.4.6
E106/34/3/34 Total of Broughton's lands Six hundred and thirty nine pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies Scots £639.13.4
E106/34/3/34 Hugh Stewart Esq. of Tonderghie for his Lands Tondeghie and Boyock £342.0.0
E106/34/3/34 James Stewart Esq of Glasserton, for four fifth parts of the lands of Rispine £152.9.7
E106/34/3/34 Sir Stair Agnew Baronet for Oldbuck £85.10.0
E106/34/3/34 John Love for Lindsay's wards £35.0.0
E106/34/3/34 John McGowan for Donaldson's Croft £15.0.0
E106/34/3/34 Anthony McGuffog for Lady Croft £17.10.0
E106/34/3/34 Charles Broadfoot for Martin's Croft £18.0.0
E106/34/3/34 Total valuation of the Parish of Whithorn five thousand eight hundred and eight pounds ten shillings Scots - £5808.10.0
E106/34/3/34 Wigtown Co. [Continued]
E106/34/3/34 Wigtown Parish
E106/34/3/34 The Earl of Galloway
E106/34/3/34 The lands of High and Low Cotland - Auchland Mains - Wood of Auchland Mollenhill and Black Park. Amount Six hundred & sixty pounds - £660.0.0
E106/34/3/34 The Earl of Galloway
E106/34/3/34 The lands of Kirkland - Maitland & Fey and Stewart's Fey formerly the Earl of Selkirk's Amot. [Amount] Two hundred & five pounds 12/- £205.12.0
E106/34/3/34 David McCulloch Esq - The lands of Torhouse. Amount Two hundred and fifty seven pounds 13/4 £257.13.4
E106/34/3/34 Robert Hathorn Stewart Esq of Physgill The lands of Carsgowan, Carslae and Glenturk. Amount Two hundred and two pounds 13/4 Scots £202.13.4
E106/34/3/34 David McCulloch Esq - Torhousekie and Mark £133.6.8
E106/34/3/34 Captain Newal - Broomhill £9.16.0
E106/34/3/34 Balmeg Ninety five pounds £95.0.0
E106/34/3/34 Broadfoot's Fey £7.12.8
E106/34/3/34 Mr Tweddale - Part of Kirklandhill £14.0.0
E106/34/3/34 William McConnell Esq. Part of Kirklandhill £17.0.0
E106/34/3/34 Total - Sixteen hundred and two pounds fourteen shillings Scots £1602.14.0
E106/34/3/34 Abstract Co. [Continued]
E106/34/3/34 [Page] 34 24 & 25 [Signed] George McHaffie
E106/34/3/34 Annotations on Green have not been transcribed
E106/34/3/35 Abstract Valuations of the several Parishes of the County of Wigtown before mentioned.
E106/34/3/35 Glasserton Pages 1st. & 2d. £4467.18.8
E106/34/3/35 Inch Pages 2d. 3d. & 4th. £5949.0.0
E106/34/3/35 Kirkcolm Pages 4th. & 5th. £4085.0.0
E106/34/3/35 Kirkcowan Pages 6th. & 7th. £4284.7.4
E106/34/3/35 Kirkinner Pages 8th. & 9th. £3934.7.4
E106/34/3/35 Kirkmaiden Page 10th. £4400.0.0
E106/34/3/35 Leswalt Page 11th. £2954.6.8
E106/34/3/35 Mochrum Pages 12th. & 13th. £4139.0.0
E106/34/3/35 Old & New Luce Pages 14th. 15th. & 16th. £8256.16.4
E106/34/3/35 Penningham Pages 17th. & 18th. £6151.0.0
E106/34/3/35 Portpatrick Page 19th. £1563.6.8
E106/34/3/35 Stoneykirk Pages 20th. & 21st. £4793.0.0
E106/34/3/35 Sorby Page 22nd. £4204.10.0
E106/34/3/35 Whithorn Pages 23rd. & 24th. £5808.10.0
E106/34/3/35 Wigtown Page 25th. £1602.14.0
E106/34/3/35 £66593.17.0
E106/34/3/35 To which falls due to be added as stated in the old supply book 1667. The Bishop of Galloway's valuation £1000.0.0
E106/34/3/35 The Bishop of Dumblane's valuation £48.0.0
E106/34/3/35 Total valuation of Wigtownshire 67,641.17.0
E106/34/3/35 [Page] 26 That what is written on this and the twenty five preceding Pages contains an exact Copy of the Valuation Roll of the County of Wigtown as made up by the Commrs. [Commissioners] of Supply in the year 1799 is attested by me Clerk of Supply At Wigtown the twenty second day of July Eighteen hundred & nine years. George McHaffie.