Proprietor & Land Valuation A Valuation B Valuation (Total)
Sorby Parish
The Earl of Galloway
The lands of Powton, now called Galloway house par (page ends)
The lands of Eggerness, Mill of Moss and Cashivill], the lands of Kilfillan, Langlands and Milnisle, the lands of Sorby Parks, consisting of Inch, Townhead, Midtown, Carwan and Blackdyke, the lands of Baloeir, the lands of [Boudole, the lands of Bushes Croft, the lands of Whitehills and part of Cruggleton and Rigg Croft, received in exchange from Sir Stair Agnew for Balecrosh, and the Barony of Kirkmadryne consisting of Penkiln, Yellon, Innerwell, Arwhall, Meikle and Little Calderness. Also the lands called
Bell's Croft, amount two thousand, five hundred and eighty pounds Scots. £2580.0.0
The law Earl of Galloway
The lands aforementioned lately purchased from the Earl of Selkirk viz. The lands of Cruik Claunch, Killure, Culscadden, Orchardton and Mill of Blain. Amount five hundred & two pounds Scots. £502.0.0
Sir Stair Agnew of Lochnaw Baronet
The lands of Cruggleton & Kevans excepting that part given to Lord Galloway, the lands of Calcrosh, & Loughill Croft, High & Low Culls, Brownhill & Moss-side, Kirkland, Ballien & Balenaleet, Amount six hundred & sixty three pounds 16/8 £663.16.8
Robert Stewart Esq of Castlesteward
The lands of [Barladfrew] , the lands of Culnoag and Culkae, amount three hundred and sixty two pounds six shilligs and eight pennies Scots. £362.6.8
John Hathorn of Castlerigg Esq.
The lands of Blairs, amount Eighty one pounds 6/8 £81.6.8
John McAdam for McAdam's Croft fifteen pounds £15.0.0
Total Four Thousand Two Hundred and Four pounds 10/ Scots. £4201.10
Mulhorn Parish
Lord Galloway, for the lands of Craig £100.0.0
For the lands of Balcray £139.6.8
For one fifth part of the lands of Bispine £38.2.5
For the lands of Polygarroch and Mill [Stunnock Coilet], Stunnock Balconnel, Nether Essock and Mill therof, including Cardside and Smiths Croft, Mains of Whithorn, Fey of Mulhorn, Priory Croft and Goosedul, Bishopton, Craig and Downs and Bailliewhirr £1929.10
Deducting therefrom that part of the lands of Cowan Cowton & Bailliewhirr, sold by Lord Galloway to Captain Hathorn £109.13.4
Total of Lord Galloway's lands two thousand two hundred and thirty seven pounds, five shillings and nine pennies Scots £2237.5.9
Lord Galloway for the lands of Tackercroft fifteen pounds £15.0.0
Lord Hathorn of Castlerigg. For three of the lands of Rigg each £101.6.8 £304.0.0
For the lands of Sheogs and Crofts £196.0.0
For Blainsrigg £101.6.8
For the lands of Culcloy £167.10
For the lands of Sheddock £100.0.0
For the lands of Dinnance £183.13.4
For Culreoch, Moroch & Mill of Bisby £450.0.0
For Drummorral £95.0.0
For his part of Balliewhiim & Owton £109.13.4
For Adam Hannay's Croft £28.10
Total valuation of Captain Hathorn's lands one thousand seven hundred and thirty five pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies Scots. £1735.13.4
Robert over £3987.19.1

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