Proprietor & Land Valuation A Valuation B Valuation (Total)
Penningham Bro [brought] forward £5425.5.1
comprehending the lands aforementioned viz. [Cairbie] Challoch, low part of Culcreuch, High part of ditto no called [Creuves]. High part of Glenrazie, low part of ditto. Gallowhill, Garden Croft of Culcreuchie and Broadmeadow, [?ing] the whole of his property in said Parish at this date. Amount three hundred and seventy one pounds Scots. £371.0.0
Edward Boyd Esq [Esquire] of Mertonhall
The lands of Mains of Merton, Barnean, Culbratten and Hazie Green. Amount One hundred and Eighty five pounds ten shillings and eight pennies. £185.10.8
Mr Adam Blain.
The lands of Kirkabrist and Killimow £100.0.0
Doctor John Scott, the lands of Culloch £34.14.3
Alexander McNarin of Know
The lands of Know £34.10
Total - Six thousand one hundred and fifty one pounds Scots £6151.0.0
Portpatrick Parish
Sir John Hunter Blair of Dunskey Baronet
His lands and Barony of Dunskey, comprehending Killantringan, High and Low Craigbowies and Ochtrymakain, Dinvins, [Moroch Port, alias Port Moulgainoe], Dunskey Castle and Croft, High and Little Pinminnochs, Craigenless, Auchenwie, Mini Crofts, Craig Slave and Croft, Portpatrick and Crofts adjoining with the Miln. By the adjusted supply Roll in 1667. Amount in cumulo to the sum of Scots £946.13.4
And also for his lands of [Kininglass] purchased off the Estate of Sheuchan comprehending Challoch hill, Meikle and Little Knockglass, High and Low Tibberts, Crailoch including Green Know, Crailoch and Mill Crofts as above, amount in cumulo to £190.0.0
Williams McDowall Esq [Esquire] of Garthland
Comprehending the lands of Craigmoodie as above amounting to £80.0.0
The Earl of Stair
The lands formerly belonging to Mr Alexander Adair £146.13.4
The lands formerly Mr Thomas Kennedy's £200.0.0
Both as valued in the original valuation book
Total valuation of this Parish £1563.6.8

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