Proprietor & Land Valuation A Valuation B Valuation (Total)
Earl of Stair His Lordship's cumulo valuation in both Parishes The farms are In old Luce, Dawaird, Dalskelping Casgrove, Glenjory, Grayshill, High and Laigh Dargoals, Annibaglish, Culroy, Challochmuir, Castlesinniness, South Milton, North Milton, Nether Sinnieness, Barnsallie, North Glenhoul, Whitecairn, Meikle Barlockhart, Vickers hill, Blackhill, Campbell's Croft and Culquasen; And in New Luce, Craigeoch, Markdow ,Muirclaugh, Glenwhillie Langarn, Darnimow, Glenkillen, Pulladie - Dougeries Croft, Hillfeath £3658.3.4
Sir John Dalrymple Hay His valuation of Park Estate in Old Luce in cumulo comprehending the following Lands. Borland, Challoch Bark, Kilfillan, Balcarie, Diochdool, Blerderrie, Balmish, Back of Wall, Camrie, Cowpark, Barlae, Old Park, Auchenminister Moal, Craigenholly, W. Wellparks, Wood of Darvaird, Meadow park, Gaist hall, Windyhall, Sower Croft, Stocking hill, Bellstrand, Stewart's Croft, Smithy holm, Killcroft, Bridge Mill Croft, Dampark, Muiryett and Honey Pigg. £1966.13.4
Over £1966.13.4 £3658.3.4
Old and New Luce Bro. [Brought] forward £1966.13.4 £3658.3.4
His Dunragget Estate in Old Luce Meikle Dunragget £178.0.0
Little Dunragget & Craigenveoch £170.0.0
Craig and Airriehemming £200.0.0
His Lands in New Luce Balmurrie £70.0.0
Dalnegess £50.0.0
Kilmafadzean £30.0.0
Thomas Adair Esq. of Genoch -- Auchenmalg £133.6.8
Machermore and Knock £200.0.0
Barhasking £90.0.0
William Leggat Esq. -- Little Barlockhart £71.0.0
Mr. Adolphus Ross -- Crews £105.0.0
Alexander Hannay Esq.-- Grennan £112.0.0
John Cathcart Esq. of Genoch
Genoch High, Low and Midd Torrs and Whitecrook (F. [Feu] 1160)
Mr. Johnston
Gillespie and Craignarget (Earl of Stair - Supr. [Superior] of part £150.0.0; Marq. [Marquis] of Ailsa No £250.0.0
Mr. Sproat Airtfield (F. [Feu] 1160) £95.0.0*
Mr. W. Meikan Miltoun (F. [Feu] 995) £80.0.0*
John Ross Esquire
Gass and Gasshead (Marq. [Marquis] of Ailsa - Supr. [Superior] - F. [Feu] 998

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Old and New Luce Parishes

[In margin] * (F. [Feu] 1432) Blairderrie & Barley £110

George McHaffie


[In margin] * F. [Feu] 1234 Craigenroech £170.0.0 Scots

The above sum of £8217.18.4 is according to the present roll of payment but the valuation book 1667 markes the sum total of the two Parishes £8256.16.4 Deficiency £38.18.0

[Signature] George McHappie

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