Proprietor & Land Valuation A Valuation B Valuation (Total)
Sir William Maxwell of Monreith Baronet The lands of Airrieslland, Fore and back Bar Miltons, old Mill and Croft. The lands of Eldrig Curhulloch, Boghouse, Glentriplohs, Carsduchn Skate, Barsalloch, Lower Croft, Holms Croft, Lanberrick Meikle Killantrae, Little Kilantrae, Drumbroddan, Moor Mains, Mains of Merton, Dowrie, Airlour, Drumskeog, Clone and Drughtag, Amounting to Two thousand and one hundred and thirty four pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies Scots £2134.13.4
The Earl of Dumfries The lands of Gargarie, Garchrew, Corwall, Brae, Airylich, Maye, Laigh Glenling, Craiglairie, Craighilloch, Craigeach, Halfmark, Challochglass, Drumdow, Parkhills and Drumwall Amount Seven hundred and Thirty eight pounds Scots £738.0.0
The Earl of Galloway The lands of Chilcarroh, Drumnescat and Auchingallie £194.0.0
The said Earl for the following lands lately purchased from the Earl of Selkirk Esqr. Whitedykes Alliewhillart, Downan and Crailoch £225.6.8 £419.6.8
William McConnell Esq. Wigtown The lands of Alticry and Dumblair
Amount over £3292.0.0
Mochrum Brot. [Brought] forward £3292.0.0
Amount on hundred and fifty seven pounds ten shillings scots £157.10.0
Mr Thomas Heron The lands of Shippermor, amount one hundred and sixty four pounds 10p [pennies] Scots £164.10.0
Mr. W. Meckan Stranraer The lands of Chang, Amount one hundred and thirty three pounds 6/8d [£0.6.8] £133.6.8
Thomas Adair Esq. of Genoch The lands of Derrie, Amount Eighty pounds Scots £80.0.0
Mr. Alexander Vans in Knockann The lnds of Barrachan, Amount Sixty thre pounds thirteen shillings and four pennies Scots £63.13.4
Alexander McKenna The lands of Clantibuys Twelve pounds Scots £12.0.0
The Crown as come in plae of the Bishop of Galloway for the Teinds of Mochrum formerly paid by the Earls of Galloway, now by the Deans of the Chapel Royal £236.0.0
Total Four Thousand one hundred and thirty nine pounds Scots, which agrees with the Valuation book 1667.

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Mochrum Parish

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