Proprietor & Land Valuation A Valuation B Valuation (Total)
Kirkmaiden Parish
John McDouall of Logan Esqr. The Mains of Logan in different divisions Balkelly Auchabuck - High and Low Achens - Chapelrossan and Long Rigg - Eldrigs - Myrrachs - High and Low Portnessocks - The two Terrallys - Kirkbryde - Kilumpha - High and Low Grennans - High and Low Kilstays - High and Low Garrachtrees -
High and Low Clonyards - Miln and Miln lands of Logan Miln and Milnlands of Clonyard - Portencorkries Laigh Slock and Miln - Inshanks - Milnmain's Croft Crechan and Currachtrees - Maryport and Alton Curghie Mill and Cairn - In all £3181.15.0
The Earl of Stair For the lands and Barony of Drummore £853.10.0
John McTaggart Esq of Ardwell For the lands of East and West Carngran Auchnaught and High Slock £358.15.0
conform to the old valuation roll of 1667 And for a Park at Kirkmaiden formerly belonging to the Earl of Cassils, which Mr. Hannay of Grennan thinks belongs to Mr. Maitland of Balgreggan - at least he believes that from Mr. Maitland having a Croft in said Parish, no person having appeared for or on account of Mr Maitland - if not it must fall upon Logan £6.0.0
Leswalt Co. [Continued]
11. Leswalt Parish
Sir Stair Agnew of Lochnaw Baronet for the lands as mentioned underneath Viz The Sheriff's lands together with Galdenoch, Auchniel, - Kirkland - and the lands now belonging to him from the excambion betwixt the Earl of Stair and Sir Andrew Agnew the valuation of the whole by the Cess Book is in Scots money £1743.0.0
Earl of Stair
for the lands formerly belonging to the Earl of Cassilis after deducting the lands belonging to Sir Stair Agnew £642.0.0
Challoch £59.6.8 £701.6.8
Robert Vans Agnew Esquire of Sheuchan
For the lands of five Merk land of Larg or Larg Liddsdale with the Croft of land called St John's Croft and that pendicile of said land called Twenty shilling land of Marks alias Meikle Mark £500.0.0
The Burgh of Stranraer £10.0.0
Mochram Co. [Continued]

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[Note] 350 in this Ph. [Parish]
accounted for in F. 1976

[Signed] George McHaffie

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