Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Abstract Scots
Names of the Parishes N0. of the page of Book on which the P: [Parish] is Written
Nos. 1 Assint 1 £1500.0.0
2 Creech 2 £2983.19.7
3 Clyn 2 £1304.7.7
4 Dornoch 3 £2969.17.10
5 Durness Tongue and Eddrachilish 3 £3720.8.5
6 Farr 4 £2953.6.0
7 Golspie 4 £2681.11.11
8 Kildonan 5 £1505.12.4
9 Loth 5 £2466.14.6
10 Lairg 6 £1346.1.0
11 Rogart 6 £1761.10.7
Reay 7 £900.0.0
Tottall Valun [Valuation] of the County of Sutherland £26093.9.9

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Page 8th

[signed] Hugh McCulloch Clerk

Page 9

At Dornoch the Fifth Day of October One Thousand Eight hundred and two years. [5 Oct 1802]

We Three of the Commissioners of Supply, & Supply Clerk of the County of Sutherland, hereto subscribeing, Certify that the Eight preceding
pages Contain the seperate Valuations of each Parish within the County of Sutherland, and the names of the several Proprietors in
each Parish, & specifying the Valuation of their respective Lands and Properties therein, As in the Abstract amounting, the Valuation of
the said County to Twenty Six Thousand, & Ninety Three pounds, Nine Shillings, and Nine pence Scots money.
John Gordon Comr [Commissioner]
Hugh Houstoun Comr [Commissioner]
John Nelson Comr [Commissioner]
Hugh McCulloch Clerk

Corrected in terms of Mr Hugh McCullochs letter to Mr Jardine dated 15th March 1803

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