1691 Land 1691 Valued rent Dates of disjunction 1831 Lands 1831 Superiors 1831 Proprietors 1831 Valued rent
The Laird of Houston (continued) Mr Speirs' Lands in Fintry Parish, Provanstone, which by the Act of the Commissioners, 1st June, 1779, is added to the second lot thereof, is stated only at £93. 8s. [shillings] 7d. [pennies], which was the sum in Old Roll, 1691, whereas, in terms of this disjunction, it ought to have been £97. 6s. [shillings] 11d. [pennies]
In Collector's Book since 1746, and in Roll 1802, Provanstone, in Balfron, is stated £97. 4s. [shillings] 11d. [pennies], and Balglas, in Killearn, is also continued at £353. 18s. [shillings] 4d. [pennies], which is erroneous.
Branshogle £283.0.4 June 24, 1727 Culvachan, Easter and Wester Claylands, Rowantree and Auchlane, and Little Haugh benorth the water of Endrick, parts of Branshogle The Hon. [Honourable] George Ralph Abercromby, younger of Tullibody Robert Dunmore Napier £123.0.0
Branshogle, part of The Hon. [Honourable] George Ralph Abercromby, younger of Tullibody Thomas Bryce Buchanan of Boquhan £116.0.4
June 3, 1730 Machar, part of The Hon. [Honourable] George Ralph Abercromby, younger of Tullibody Sir Archibald Edmonstone £44.0.0
The Laird of Duntreath £301.3.7 Duntreath Sir Archibald Edmonstone Sir Archibald Edmonstone £301.3.7
Killearn £328.11.4 kILLEARN John Blackburn of Killearn John Blackburn of Killearn £328.11.4
Croy Leckie £93.19.4 Croyleckie The heirs of the Rev. Dr [Reverend Doctor] Gavin Gibb John Blackburn of Killearn £93.19.4
Lord Napier £320.9.1 Lord Napier Major Buchanan of Arnprior; the Duke of Montrose, fiar; J. Campbell Douglas, liferenter, and John Blackburn John Blackburn of Killearn £320.9.1
James Buchanan of Ballochroine £107.7.6 Ballochron Alexander Littlejohn, writer, Stirling William Edmond, tenant in Drummore £107.7.6
Walter Buchanan for Carstoune £48.6.4 Carston Duke of Montrose William Finlay £48.6.4
The said Walter for Gilliestone £53.13.8 Gilliestone Duke of Montrose, and Jean Macdonald Buchanan William Finlay £53.13.8
The Lands of Croy Cunningham £109.10.6 Croy Cunningham John Blackburn of Killearn John Blackburn of Killearn £109.10.6
Ballikinraine £136.17.10 Ballikinraine Thomas Dunmore Robert Dunmore Napier £136.17.10
The Lands of Middle Glenboig £100.8.0 April 2, 1754 Five-merk Land of Glenboigs, Cunningham. NOTE-The object of this date is to identify the Lands of Glenboig, Cunningham, with Middle Glenboig, and the lands are said to be reted in the Cess Books at £100 only; but they have been uniformly rated both before and since at £100.8s. [shillings] in Collector's Book. John McLeroy of Glenboig John McLeroy £100.8.0

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Killearn Parish - (Continued)

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