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Proprietor and land Valuation
Kippen parish valluation
Buchlivie and wester Cullbowie £799.2.4
Glentirran -- £605.15.1 £605.15.1
Broich £192.1.10
Mr Wrights part Broich £125.0.0
Blackhouse part Broich £55.15.0
Garden £322.2.4
Arnmannuall £387.1.0
Dashers £333.6.8
Little Carse £80.10.7
Ladieland £65.16.8
Blairgorts £95.12.0
Blairfechans £77.18.0
[Parish Total] £3140.1.6
Logie & Leckrupt parishes valluation
Aithry £713.7.0
Aithry James and Robert Hendersons part £272.2.6
Aithry James Edmonds part £103.0.0
Loss £53.12.6
Keir £53.12.6
Neithertoun £250.0.0
Inverallan £200.0.0
Corntoun, Mr Watson now Mr Galloways part of Lands £34.9.8
Corntoun, Mr Watson now Mr Galloways for part of the tiends £28.0.0
Corntoun, Mr Bryces part of Lands £34.9.8
Corntoun, Mr Bryces part for Tiends £28.0.0
Corntoun, John Paterson for Lands £16.9.0
Corntoun, John Paterson for Tiends £14.0.0
Corntoun, James Pearson for Lands £16.14.0
Corntoun, James Pearson for Tiends £12.10.0
Corntoun, Alexander Kempe for Lands £16.14.0
Corntoun, Alexander Kempe for Tiends £12.10.0
Corntoun, William Don for Lands 16.14.0
Corntoun, William Don for Tiends £12.10.0
Corntoun, Bachope for Lands
Corntoun, Bachope for Tiends
Corntoun, John Kempe for Lands £45.0.0
Corntoun, John Kempe for Tiends £36.0.0
Corntoun, James Robertson for Lands £34.9.8
Corntoun, James Robertson for Tiends £26.0.0
[Parish Total] £2030.4.0
Dunipace parish Valluation
Torwoodhead £230.6.10
Thomas Gallaway for part Torwoodhead £8.4.1
James Square for part Torwoodhead £5.0.4
Denovans Few £102.5.8
Blairs part Denovans Few £41.15.6
Gartencaber Sir J Dunbar £28.7.4
Sir James Dunbars Few £39.9.6
William Denovans Few £7.10.4
Gunnershaw £131.16.4
Dunipace £634.13.4
Fewers of Dunipace £212.0.0
Little Denovan £410.0.0
Kirkland £220.0.0
Quarter Brown £62.10.8
Easter Breas £80.17.4
Wester Barnego £47.11.6
Redoch of Milnton £69.11.0
Thornyhill £36.10.0
Burnhouse & Wester Breas £116.13.4
Muirhead of Ruillie £48.18.2
Buckiside £28.5.2
Stonyinch £47.7.6
Young of Risk now J Gilmoir £56.16.10
Muirhead of Ticketsheugh £26.3.8
Miller of Boards £48.7.0
Easter Barnego £35.10.0
Young of Duchlage £36.0.0
Renny of Greendike £9.0.0
Young of Little Barnego £50.11.3
Bruce of Gateside £2.2.4
Cowan of Northfield £47.5.2
Muirhead of Croftfoot £45.10.0
Smith of Broomhill £35.6.2
Drumeliert £38.0.0
Finy Aikers £22.0.0
Carronglen £2.13.2
Damside £14.0.0
Stoney yeard }
Walkmiln } £10.13.4
The Isle £4.2.6
Mains and inclosures £38.5.6
Hollings £5.18.6
[Parish Total] £3138.8.4

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Bachope entry for Corntoun crossed out, with note:
this charged with Mr Watsons part

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