Proprietor and land Valuation
Walter Scot of reburne there £558.10.0
John Asken of sheilfeild there £288.0.0
The Caldros £124.11.0
The Earle of Hadingtoun for £102.3.6
James stoddart for Camistoun £230.0.0
The laird of Litledean for kirkland hill £240.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of Lessudden paroche is £4321.17.10
Langneutoun parache
patrick Scot feir of ancrum for the paroche of Langneutoun is £2188.2.0
Maxtoun paroche
Sir francis Scot of thirlestoun for Rutherfurd £2654.0.0
The Laird of Litledean £1600.0.0
Sir Alexander don in maxtoun £391.0.0
John Haliburtoun of Murehouslaw £733.6.8
The Earle of Hadingtoun £100.0.0
Walter Turnbull in maxtoun £15.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of Maxtoun paroche is £8490.6.8
Suma [Summa] totalis is thrie hundreth fourtein thousand six hundreth fortie ane pound twelve schilling four pennies Scots money

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