Proprietor and land Valuation
John Scot of sintoun there £130.0.0
John johnstoun there £130.0.0
Walter Scot of satchells £256.0.0
The lands of Cringles £100.0.0
Mr. Andrew Duncason for great lands £104.0.0
The feuars of Lillisleife £800.0.0
Walter Riddell in Lillisleif and for the mylne thereof £407.15.0
The Earle of Roxbrugh for the kirklands of and teyndes of the paroch £1257.13.4
The Earle of Hadingtoun for the few deuties of frier shaw £13.6.8
Alexander Hud in Lellisleif £10.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of lillisleif paroche is £8265.18.4
Milrois parache
The Earle of Hadingtoun £5788.13.4
Alexander Lithgow of drygrange £533.6.8
ffrancis Scot of langshaw £1660.0.0
The fewars of old milrose £53.0.0
George pringle of Bucham £2015.0.0
the fewars of sorosfeild £53.6.8
The fewars of Clackma & waidlie doores £53.6.8
The fewars of eister housbyres £53.6.8
Mr. James dais for Crackfoord £179.0.0
James Gilles in danyetoune £48.6.8
Gattonsyde £480.0.0
Blindlie for whithous £213.6.8
Neusteid £742.0.0
Newsteid £360.0.0
The Lord Cardrof £200.0.0
Eildon £240.0.0
Darnick £522.0.0
bridgend £89.0.0
Melrois £426.0.0
Aptrieleaves £433.0.0
Thriepwood and wenhous £362.13.4
Calfhill £368.3.4
Coumslie and the mylne thereof £853.19.2
Allinshaues £400.0.0
wouplaw £293.6.8
wester housbyres £625.6.8
Wester langlie £4013.4
Eister langlie £297.10.0
blainslie £1306.3.8
The Earle of Hadingtoun for danyestoune £72.0.0
The fewars of Craickfoord be [by] Mr. James dais £86.0.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of milros paroche is £20185.4.6
Boudean paroche
The earle of Roxbrugh his rent is £4121.11.0
The feuars of bouden there rent is £765.0.8
Andrew Ker for kippelaw and over mylne of bouden £348.13.4
William Elliot of Langsyde £140.0.0
Sir Thomas Ker for Cavers and ane quarter of land in midlem £547.6.8
The lands of neuhall £280.0.0
James Gillies for huntliewood £80.0.0
William douglas for suth preistoun £183.6.8
Robert Ker of north preistoun £163.13.8
Robert Elliot for midlemylne and lands in midlem £395.16.0
The fewars of midlem the rent is for twentie four lands thrie quarters wanting the tenth pairt of a land £923.0.0
Sir William Ker of greinhead for the quarters of land in midlem £28.1.0
William Riddell for the burlands being ane land and ane half in midlem £56.2.0
Andrew plumber of midlesteid for thrie quarters of land in midlem £28.1.0
Suma [Summa] of the rent of bondim paroch is £8030.11.8
Lessudden paroche
The customes of the fair of Lessudden £133.6.8
Sir Alexander don for the tymple land £94.0.0
Richard Learmonts heires £15.0.0
Sir William Scot for Elistoun £866.10.0
William Cairnicros of calfhill for maxpople £188.0.0
Mr. Andrew duncanson there £42.14.8
patrick Riddell for St. Boiswells and the mylne thereof £288.0.0
The fewars of Lessudden £1201.11.0

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