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Vide Allocation p. [page] 29 thirty three pounds six shillings and eight pence; the small feuers part whereof is five hundred fourty seven pounds six shillings and eight pence £547.6.8
A. A. H. Speirs of Elderslie Craig of Neilston Arthurlys part thereof One hundred and eighty six pounds £186.0.0
Trs [Trustees] of William Allan Woddrop The feuer part of Shitterflat One hundred and three pounds seven shillings and eight pence £103.7.8
Trs [Trustees] of William Allan Woddrop The Marquis of Clydesdales part thereof unfued fifty nine pounds nineteen shillings £59.19.0
Total sum of Neilstoun £4341.13.4
Valuation of the parish of Paisley
Nether Pollok Ltd. [Limited] Vide Allocation p. [page] 41 The Duke of Montrose his lands of Dernlie formerly valued to One thousand four hundred pounds but (Eighty eight pounds thereof being added to My Lord Ross's land of Halkhead) is now One thousand three hundred and twelve pounds scots £1312.0.0
The Town of Paisleys Common lands Oakshawhead and Sneddoun One thousand and seventy seven pounds six shillings and eight pence £1077.6.8
W. A. Baird of Blantyre & his Disponees £822.16.8 -- Sir J.M Stirling Maxwell of Pollok now Nether Pollok Ltd. [Limited] for Wrightland in Corkerhill £137.3.4 -- [Total] £960.0.0 My Lord Blantyres lands of Cardonald and Henderstoun Nine hundred and Sixty pounds £960.0.0

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