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Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Blair Atholl Parish Scots
James Robertson Esqr Lude £800.0.0
Col. [Colonel] Robertson of Strowan Glenerichty £270.13.4
Duke of Atholl Bohespick £113.6.8
Duke of Atholl Clunemore £146.13.4
Duke of Atholl Kincraigie £146.13.4
John Stewart of Urrard Tenadrie £147.13.4
Duke of Atholl Innerslanie £100.0.0
Duke of Atholl Calvine £66.13.4
Duke of Atholl Pittagowan £45.0.0
Duke of Atholl Arkincall £77.0.0
Col. [ Colonel] Robertson of Stowan Kindrochit £35.0.0
Samuel Reid Esq Blairfettie £120.0.0
Duke of Atholl Pittledonick £53.0.0
Duke of Atholl Caldbruar £35.0.0
Robert Robertson Esq Auchlecks £100.0.0
Duke of Atholl Dalmorish £88.0.0
Duke of Atholl Auchgaull £50.2.0
Gilbert Stewart of Fincastle Half of Carig £7.10.0
Duke of Atholl Part of Fascally £150.0.0
Dr. [Doctor] Alexander Stewart Bonskeid £120.0.0
Duke of Atholl & Mr Robertson of Trinafour Foss & Strathtummel £386.13.4
Duke of Atholl Kirktown of Blair £133.6.8
Duke of Atholl Tirinie £100.0.0
Duke of Atholl Dalginross & Campsie £100.0.0
Duke of Atholl Craigdarg £42.0.0
Duke of Atholl Pitnassie & Little Lude £100.0.0
Duke of Atholl Drumnacreich £45.0.0
Duke of Atholl Blairwaughters £200.0.0
Duke of Atholl Inneraich £93.0.0
Duke of Atholl Pitdornie £26.13.4
Duke of Atholl His other lands £332.13.4
Total Valuation of this Parish £4231.13
Blackford Parish
Charles Moray Stirling Esqr Barony of Ogilvy £1453.10.0
Charles Moray Stirling Esqr Panholes £475.0.0
Charles Moray Stirling Esqr Milnairn £484.3.4
Lord Viscount Duncan Gleneagles £666.13.4
James Johnstone Esqr Part of Kincardine Barony £256.16.2
Lord Viscount Duncan Part of Kincardine Barony £64.3.10
William Graham Esqr Orchill £140.0.0
Duke of Atholl Tulliebardine £720.0.0
Lieut. [Lieutenant] General Drummond Machany £890.0.0
John Monteath Esqr Duchally £213.6.8
Total Valuation of this Parish £5363.13.4

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