Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Bendochy Parish Scots
James Chalmers Esq Bogend wt [with] Coupar Feu £123.8.0
James Morison of Naughton Part of Grange £172.7.2
Capn. [Captain] Thomas Crichton Muirtown, wt [with] Coupar Feu £138.6.8
John Robertson Part of Grange, wt [with] Coupar Feu £122.0.0
Thomas Whitson Polcalk, wt [with] Coupar Feu £101.11.8
William McDonald of St Martin Part of Grange £355.18.8
Alexander McDonald Esq Easter Callie wt [with] Coupar Feu £228.17.0
Thomas Farquharson Esq Over Pearcy wt [with] Coupar Feu £156.0.0
James Stewart Nether Pearcy wt [with] Coupar Feu £160.0.0
James Morison of Naughton West Drimmie wt [with] Coupar Feu £508.13.4
Miss Rattrays Craighall £179.13.4
James Anderson of St Fink Part of Craighall £164.13.4
David Miller Tullifergus wt [with] Coupar Feu £223.6.8
Late Lord Privy Seal's Heirs Bendochy & Others £958.0.0
James Whitson Mudhall £125.6.8
James Anderson St Fink £22.6.8
Dr. [Doctor] Young's heirs Milnhorn, wt [with] Coupar Feu £519.18.6
Dr. [Doctor] Young's heirs Jamiesons lands £288.11.4
Dr. [Doctor] Young's heirs Ledcarsie £603.2.8
George Kinloch of Kinloch Blacklaw, wt [with] Coupar Feu £643.1.4
James Chalmers Esq Part of Lochbank £116.17.5
Mrs Geikie Part of Lochbank £133.13.7
Total Valuation of this Parish £6045.14.0
Blairgowrie Parish
Sir William Ramsay Creuchies £227.10.0
Col. [Colonel] Allan Mcpherson Blairgowrie wt [with] Stormont Feu £1415.4.6
Janet Raitt Feu in Blairgowrie £20.0.0
-- Hay Feu in Blairgowrie £42.13.4
William Blair Feu in Blairgowrie £7.6.10
William Soutar Feu in Blairgowrie £10.13.4
Thomas Tyrie Feu in Blairgowrie £20.0.0
James Liston Feu in Blairgowrie £21.13.4
George Brown Feu in Blairgowrie £8.0.0
Daniel McLaren Feu in Blairgowrie £10.0.0
Charles Grimmond now Revd. [Reverend] James Johnston Feu in Blairgowrie £10.0.0
Robert Dow Feu in Blairgowrie £6.13.4
Mr John Jobson Rosemount, wt [with] Coupar Feu £351.14.0
Colonel Lindsay Ardblair, wt [with] Stormont's Feu £568.14.10
Colonle Lindsay Gormock Johnston's lands £263.0.0
Miss Mercer Elphinston of Aldie Easter Banchrie £425.0.0
Capn. [Captain] James Stewart Over Claywhats £185.0.0
Thomas Chalmers & Donaldson Scott Nether Claywhats £185.0.0
Honble [Honourable] David Ogilvy Clunie £46.0.0
James Scott Blackcraigs £45.0.0
Duke of Atholl Bogs £81.13.4
John Steill Esq Parkhead £166.13.4
Thomas Fergusson Wester Callie £51.13.4
Patrick Campbell of Auchallader Drumlochy £366.0.0
Duke of Atholl Rosheal £33.6.8
James Farquharson of Invercauld Rochallie £84.12.0
Mr Mckenzie of Delvin Ledcarsie wt [with] Coupar Feu £122.1.4
Miss Mercer Elphinston 1/4 of Wester Banchrie £120.0.0
Charles Hutcheson 2/3 of Walton of Blair £133.6.8
Recd. [Reverend] John Robertson 1/4 of Wester Banchrie £120.0.0
Revd. [Reverend] John Robertson 1/3 of Miln of Banchrie £37.15.7
Miss Mercer Elphinstone 1/4 of Wester Banchrie £120.0.0
Miss Mercer Elphinstone 1/3 of Miln of Banchrie £37.15.7
Col [Colonel] John Sandeman 1/4 of Wester Banchrie £120.0.0
Col. [Colonel] John Sandeman 1/3 of Miln of Banchrie £37.15.7
Capn. [Captain] Boyle's Heirs Tullymurdoch Brewlands £13.6.8
Total Valuation of this Parish £5515.3.7

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