Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
St Martins Parish Scots
Thomas Coupar Half of Auchmaguiff £90.0.0
William Macdonald Esq Rosefield, or half of Auchmaguiff £90.0.0
Earl of Mansfield Part of Lordship of Scone £506.6.8
Patrick Miller Esq Newmiln £207.3.0
Guildry of Perth Craigmahinnan £248.10.0
Earl of Mansfield Byres £222.8.0
Miss Mercer & others Melginch £496.13.4
Major John Drummond Gairdrum £121.13.4
Heirs of Sir Charles Lindsay Melginch Feu £20.0.0
William Macdonald Esq Barony of St Martin £1266.1.4
Total Valuation of this Parish £3268.15.8
Scone Parish
Lt [Lieutenant] Col [Colonel] James Sharp Kincarrochy £331.8.8
James Ritchie Hole of Scone £244.6.8
James Ritchie Lands at Scone £66.13.4
James Ritchie James Jacks Lands at Scone £7.15.0
Earl of Mansfield Lordship of Scone £1929.9.4
Earl of Mansfield Chapelhill £138.6.8
Earl of Mansfield Mr David Coupar's lands £4.1.0
Robert Morris Newton of Scone £18.11.0
Kirksession of Scone Their lands £11.17.0
Mr James Proudfoot Balbughty £133.6.8
Hospital of Perth Lethendy £121.16.8
James Ritchie of Carie Feu at Scone £20.2.0
Alexander McDuff Esq Bonhard £292.1.8
John Honey Blairhall £70.15.0
Mungo Murray of Lintrose Kinnochtree £358.13.4
Mr David Grant Lymepots £92.1.0
Taylor Incorporation of Perth Ardgilzian £154.13.4
Alexander McDuff Esq Springfield £92.5.0
Earl of Mansfield Waulkmiln £32.0.0
Andrew Coupar & others Feu near Scone £72.4.2
Mr William Stewart Spoutwells £91.10.0
Mr Murray of Murrayshall Balgarvie £281.8.7
Elizabeth Gardiner & husband Acre of land at Scone £5.18.1
Totla Valuation of this Parish £4571.4.2

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