Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Abernyte Parish Scots
Sir Willaim Nairn of Dunsinnan Balloleys £123.0.0
Robert Haldane Esq Pitkindy £110.0.0
Robert Haldane Esq Ballairdie £70.0.0
Charles Moray Stirling Esq Barony of Abernyte £557.0.0
Charles Moray Stirling Esq Milntown of Abernyte £138.16.5
Mr Alexander Hunter Kirktown of Abernyte £127.16.11
Total Valuation of this Parish £1126.13.4
Alyth Parish
John Smyth Esq Balharry £426.6.8
John Smyth Esq Half of Wester Leitfie £161.12.8
John Smyth Esq Feu £45.6.11
John Smyth Esq Haldane's Acres £30.3.4
John Smyth Esq Milnhorn etc £150.6.8
John Smyth Esq Murdoch's lands £49.14.0
John Smyth Esq Kerr's lands & Freelands £18.8.0
John Smyth Esq West Forrest £120.0.0
Robert Cramond Half of Wester Leitfie £193.7.3
Robert Cramond Feu £13.12,4
John Smyth Esq Easter Leitfie, Miln thereof & Pendicle of Pickletillum £484.12.9
John Smyth Esq Feu £61.5.6
Thomas Low's heirs A Room in Bermony £57.17.6
Thomas Low's heirs Feu £29.5.7
Joseph Dryburn Boatlands of Bermony £34.1.1
Joseph Dryburn Feu £3.18.9
James Whitson A Room in Bermony & Pendicle of Leys £78.18.8
James Whitson Feu £23.16.7
Margaret Scott & Robert Lunan A Room in Bermony £63.6.6
Margaret Scott & Robert Lunan Feu £23.16.7
James Whitson A Room in Bermony £52.11.3
James Whitson Feu £34.11.10
David Crichton A Room in Bermony £63.6.6
David Crichton Feu £23.16.7
John Smyth Esq A Room in Bermony £41.14.4
John Smyth Esq Feu £45.8.9
Honble [Honourable] David Ogilvy of Airly Shangie £250.3.4
Honble [Honourable] David Ogilvy of Airly Brucetown £87.0.0
Honble [Honourable] David Ogilvy of Airly Pitcrockney £44.6.8
Honble [Honourable] David Ogilvy of Airly Cadem £40.17.6
Honble [Honourable] David Ogilvy of Airly Other lands, with Bishops rents £1511.13.4
Carried forward £4265.7.5

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