Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Logierait Parish Scots
Duke of Atholl Tenandry wt [with] Atholl Feu & Balvaird's Teind £227.13.4
James Stewart Robertson Esq Edradynate £120.0.0
Duke of Atholl Logierait Town £348.6.8
Duke of Atholl Killiechangie £142.6.8
Duke of Atholl Ballichandie wt [with] Atholl Feu & Balvaird's Teinds £69.16.8
Duke of Atholl Part of Tullimett £660.8.10
Duke of Atholl Auchnaholier, part of Tullimett £247.9.6
James Stewart Flemyng Esq Killiechassie, wt [with] Gormocks Feu & Balvaird's teind £396.4.0
David Campbell of Glenlyon Part of Pitcastle £189.8.4
Donald McIntyre Esq Pitnacree £492.13.4
Hope Stewart Esq Tulliepowrie £192.16.0
Hope Stewart Esq Brae of Tulliepowrie £36.0.0
Mr Robert Stewart Fondynate £129.6.8
Hope Stewart Esq Middletown, Over, Middletown & Wester Inver of Tullipowrie £64.13.4
Robert Stewart Esq Clochfoldich £114.13.4
Adam Stewart Esq Blackhill £31.0.0
Duke of Atholl Easter Dunfallandy £33.6.8
Col. [Colonel] Robertson of Strowan Carrie £87.13.4
Earl of Breadalbane Aberfeldy £111.15.0
Col [Colonel] McDonnell of Lochgarry Drumachine & Drumchastle £234.0.0
David Campbell of Glenlyon Part of Pitcastle £26.16.8
Alexander McGlashan Esq Eastertyne £165.0.0
Duke of Atholl Wester Dalshian £85.0.0
Mr Fergusson Wester Dunfallandy £191.0.0
Hope Stewart of Ballechin Finnab £137.0.0
Duke of Atholl Easthaugh of Dalshian £63.0.0
James Fergusson Middlehaugh £39.10.0
Mr Butter of Pitlochrie Balnacree & Chapleton £79.0.0
Andrew Mcfarlane Esq Donavourd, Atholl Feu etc £60.10.0
Hope Stewart Esq Ballechin £617.8.7
Robert Stewart Esq Wester Clochfoldich £102.18.1
Alexander Fergusson Esq Ballyoukan £131.13.4
Total Valuation of this Parish £5628.8.4
Longforgan Parish
Ogilvy Esq Templehall £28.0.0
George Paterson of Castlehuntly Part of Monorgan £646.16.6
Lord Kinnaird Part of Monorgan £214.1.4
James Mylne of Mylnefield Pilmor £340.3.2
James Mylne of Mylnefield Kingoodie £157.19.0
James Mylne of Mylnefield Easter Balrennock £46.15.8
James Mylne of Mylnefield Gedpike £14.6.11
James Mylne of Mylnefield Muirtown £144.10.9
Lord Kinnaird Littletown £541.6.8
Lord Kinnaird Part of Drimmie £486.6.5
Lord Kinnaird Milnhill £600.0.0
Lord Kinnaird Dron, wt [with] Lundie's Feu £253.6.8
Lord Kinnaird Knap £400.0.0
George Paterson Esq Part of Drimmie £63.0.3
George Paterson Esq Castlehuntly £2389.14.5
Lord Kinnaird Loch Isles & Milnshades £129.5.7
Robert Gray Newton £53.6.8
Robert Haldane Esq Lochtown £192.0.0
Robert Haldane Esq Greenhills £43.0.0
Mr Hunter of Kirktown Part of East Newton £36.2.8
Mr Patrick Hunter Part of East Newton £15.10.8
Lord Kinnaird Lawrieston £200.0.0
Lord Kinnaird Trottick £106.13.4
Haliburton of Pitcur North Ballo £94.0.0
John Stewart of Dalguise South Ballo £58.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £7254.6.8

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