Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Kinnoull Parish Scots
Earl of Kinnoull His Lands £1617.13.4
Lord Gray His Lands £545.10.0
John Anderson Esq Inchyra £500.0.0
David Blair Esq Balthayock £500.0.0
John Murray Esq Murrayshall £300.0.0
Mr William Ross Feu at Bridgend £22.5.0
Patrick Keir of Kinmonth His Lands £72.8.0
Town of Perth Corbs lands £45.0.0
Dr [Doctor] Wood & others Feu at Bridgend £36.0.0
Hardie Feu at Bridgend £12.0.0
Gilbert Jackson & Robert Gardner Montabor £19.6.8
Mr James Just Balbeggie £45.0.0
John Stewart of Balnakeillie Arnbathie, wt [with] Duncrub Feu £64.0.0
Mr John Bisset Bankhead £109.4.0
John Richardson of Pitfour Muirhall £192.16.10
Mr Alexander Moncrieff Part of Barnhill £167.5.3
Mr William Dickson Part of Barnhill £105.11.0
Sir Thomas Moncrieff Part of Barnhill £68.9.3
Mr William Stewart Part of Barnhill £39.18.9
Mr John Young Part of Barnhill £33.5.7
Mr John Whittet Part of Potterhill £98.17.4
Mr Peter Elder Part of Potterhill £32.19.1
John Laing Esq Rosemount £24.0.0
Thomas Taylor Clockserie £12.2.0
Peter Spence Feu in Bridgend £11.2.4
George Lamb Feu in Bridgend £10.0.0
John BLackwood Feu in Bridgend £6.13.4
John Stewart Esq Taybank £50.0.0
John Ross Feu in Bridgend £1.0.0
Alexander McLaren's heirs Part of Meney's Lands £2.4.5⅓
George Coupar Part of Meney's Lands £2.4.5⅓
Charles Taylor Part of Meney's Lands £2.4.5⅓
George Hardie & Thomas Johnston Part of Meney's Lands £2.4.5⅓
Charles Alison Part of Meney's Lands £2.4.5⅓
Patrick Richardson Part of Meney's Lands £2.4.5⅓
Carried forward £4755.14.5
Brot [Brought] forward £4755.14.5
John Norwell Feu in Bridgend £6.0.0
James Ross Feu in Bridgend £3.0.0
William Thomson & Duncan McGregor Feu in Bridgend £3.0.0
James Brakenridge Feu in Bridgend £6.6.1
Thomas Thomson Feu in Bridgend 1.18.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £4775.18.6

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