Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Kirkmichael Parish Scots
Duke of Atholl Glenderby £75.13.4
John Robertson Balnakeilly £100.0.0
Thomas Farquharson of Over Pearcy Tullochcurran £80.0.0
Duncan Mckenzie Part of Balnauld £37.10.0
Patrick Mckenzie Part of Balnauld £25.0.0
Robert Rattray Part of Balnauld £25.0.0
John Stewart of Balnakeilly Part of Balnauld £12.10.0
Robert McIntosh Esq Lenochmore & Dalmunzie £256.4.0
Mr Butter of Pitlochrie Part of Inverchrosky £84.6.0
Patrick Small of Kindrogin Easter Pitkermuck £26.13.4
Patrick Small of Kindrogin Miln of Pitkermuck £84.0.0
Patrick Small of Kindrogin Wester Pitkermuck £62.0.0
Andrew Small of Dirnanean Dalreoch £58.3.0
James Farquharson of Invercauld Thom, wt [with] Ashintullys Feu £51.6.8
James Farquharson of Invercauld Cams, wt [with] Invercaulds Feu £47.6.8
James Farquharson of Invercauld Spittal, Laganmore, Craigderg & Redorick £93.18.3
James Farquharson of Invercauld Banzian £47.6.8
James Stormonth of Lednathy Whitefield with [with] Atholl Feu £117.2.0
James Stormonth of Lednathy Baron Reids, Inverchroskie £128.6.8
Duncan Mckenzie's Heirs Borland £39.6.8
James Robertson of Edradynate Downie Wester £120.6.0
Mr McDonald of St Martins Runavey wt [with] Atholl Feu £98.13.4
Mr McDonald of St Martins Kerro, wt [with] Atholl Feu £38.6.8
Mr Farquharson of Monaltree Part of Ashintully £142.8.1
Mr Farquharson of Monaltree Balnabroich £77.13.4
Mr Farquharson of Monaltree Dalnagairn £127.0.0
James Rutherford Esq Part of Ashintully wt [with] Tellin's Feu & Airly's teind £208.18.8
James Rutherford Esq Lair £85.0.0
James Rutherford Esq Ballachraggan, wt [with] Atholl Feu £26.13.4
William McDonald of St Martins Corrydon £13.3.0
Alexander Kea Dalhenzian £31.0.3
Alexander Fergusson Easter Corrydon £32.16.9
Carried forward £2443.12.8
Kirkmichael Parish
Brot [Brought] forward £2443.12.8
James S Robertson of Edradynate Dunacroy £36.0.0
Duke of Atholl Tomnamoan, wt [with] Ashintully Feu £24.6.8
Alexander Mckenzie of Merkland Merkland £44.5.0
Alexander Mckenzie of Merkland Easter Balmacreuchy £34.0.0
Alexander Mckenzie of Merkland Part of Wester Dalnabreck £29.16.0
Balnacraig £27.0.0
Alexander McDonald of Callie Wester Bleaton £150.0.0
Duke of Atholl Soilarie £143.6.8
Daniel Bruce Part of Wester Dalnabreck £31.6.8
Alexander Ayson of Balmyle Balmyle, Over Balmyle & Wester Ballintuim £94.13.4
John Mustard Part of Woodhill £6.11.0
James Spalding Easter Ballintuim £31.6.8
Charles Fergusson Part of Easter Dalnabreck £37.17.6
Daniel Bruce Part of Easter Dalnabreck £12.12.6
Mr John Ferguson Part of Easter Balmacreuchy £15.0.0
Mr William Shaw Broichderg £90.0.0
John Spalding of Dalvey Cultalonie £120.0.0
Thomas Rattray Esq Dalulzian £129.13.4
Mr William Wilson Part of Cray £40.0.0
William Shaw of Dalnaglar Part of Cray £40.0.0
John Spalding of Dalvey Stronamuick £58.0.0
Niel Fergusson Esq Wester Balmacrouchy £46.13.4
Mr Spalding of Glenkilry Glenkirly £46.0.0
Mr Spalding of Glenkilry Enoch £17.2.1
Mr Spalding of Glenkilry Wester Enoch £90.0.0
Mr Spalding of Glenkilry Small's Enoch £50.0.0
Mr Mckenzie of Finnegean Finnegean, wt [with] Atholl Feu £39.0.0
Mr Butter of Pitlochrie Middle, & third part of Wester Inverchroskie £164.9.11
Total Valuation of this Parish £4102.13.4

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No proprietor is given for Balnacraig. Possibly Alexander Mckenzie of Merkland and a ditto is missing in the original.

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