Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Fowlis Wester Parish Scots
Anthony Maxton Esq Cultoquhey wt [with] Incheffreys Feu £362.13.4
Sir Patrick Murray Bart [Baronet] His Lands £1500.0.0
Charles Moray Stirling Esq Abercairney £2828.16.8
Charles Moray Stirling Esq Cairney's lands wt [with] Incheffrey's Feu £68.3.4
Charles Moray Stirling Esq McAra'a lands wt [with] Incheffrey's Feu £129.6.8
General Robertson of Lawers Auchnafree £118.10.4
Sir Thomas Moncrieff Bart [Baronet] Part of Barony of Gorthie £1356.6.4
Col [Colonel] Graham of Balgowan Part of Barony of Gorthie called Sunnyside £193.13.8
Sir Thomas Moncrieff Bart [Baronet] Tulchan £48.13.4
William Drummond of Logiealmond His Lands £549.0.0
Honble [Honorable] Lord Methven Keillor, wt [with] Incheffrey's, and Earl Morton's Feu £1270.0.0
Col [Colonel] Graeme of Inchbrackie Pittanderorch, wt [with] £2.13.2 of Feuduty £83.6.8
Total Valuation of this Parish £8508.10.4
Glendovan Parish
Thomas Hepburn of Colquhalzie Glenquey £209.0.0
Thomas Hepburn of Colquhalzie Auchlandsky £163.0.0
David Low Boreland £173.0.0
Archibald Fisher His Lands £28.6.8
James Rutherford of Ashintully Easter Glensherup £190.0.0
James Rutherford of Ashintully Whitehills £190.0.0
Lord Voscount Duncan Frandie etc £190.0.0
Mr Peter Hope Wester Glensherup £190.0.0
Total Valuation of this Parish £1333.6.8

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