Names of Proprietors Names of Lands Valuation
Aberfoil Parish Scots
Duke of Montrose The Whole Parish £1960.0.0
Abernethy Parish Scots
Earl of Wemyss Culfargie £733.6.8
Earl of Wemyss Hatton head £120.0.0
Thomas Peat Wester Greenside £159.0.0
Joseph Dryburn Part of Over Aberagie £39.12.8
William Lawrie Part of Over Aberargie £63.14.0
Alexander Murray of Ayton Polly £300.0.0
John Balvaird Ballomiln £202.6.8
Charles Melvill Easter Greenside £93.16.8
James Paterson Esqr Carpow, wt [with] £8 Feu £608.0.0
John Richardson Esqr Aberargie, wt. [with] £8 Feu £446.2.0
James Roberson's Heir Part of Wester Drumhead £72.1.8
Robert Nicol Part of Wester Drumhead £144.3.4
Alexander Guthrie Gourdie Muir £1.12.2
Robert Nicol Part of Drum £2.0.2
William Barclay Part of Nether Pitcurran, Acre of Broadland, and Garden ground in Abernethy £19.7.0
Peter Arnot Part of Pitversie £10.8.11
Walter Birrel Part of Nether Pitcurran £7.4.8
Henry Scott Pitkerrock £5.4.6
Kirksession of Abernethy Kirklands £50.0.0
Mrs Oliphant & James Duncan Broadwell £171.15.0
Mrs Oliphant & James Duncan, Earl of Wemys, & Mr Peter Greenhill Brothell, Carie, Hatton & Cordon for a Rothes Feu £11.6.8
Andrew Small Pitmeddan £278.13.4
Peter Scott Feu in Abernethy £5.6.8
Peter Scott Feu in Abernethy £13.6.8
Sir Thomas Moncrieffe Innernethy £463.2.8
Sir Thomas Moncrieffe Balgonie £378.0.0
Mr Peter Greenhill Cordon £106.4.6
Mr Peter Greenhill Two Acres near Abernethy £13.1.8
Mr Peter Greenhill Provost Mains £175.6.8
John Henderson Gattaway £125.16.0
Lord Douglas His Teind & Feu £212.18.4
Earl of Mansfield Drumcairn £386.9.4
[Total] £5419.8.7

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