Proprietor and land Valuation
[left hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
John McLaran wth [with] Atholls few & Balvairds Teind £63.0.0
Donald Fergusson for Midlehaugh for Atholls few and Balvairds teind included £118.10.0
John Camron & John Robertson for Dunivard £49.0.0
for Atholls few and Balvards teind £11.10.0
Balachan £720.6.8
Alexander Fergusson for Bellieuchan wth [with] Atholls few and Balvairds teind included £131.13.4
Tennendrie £197.13.4
for Atholls few and Balvairds teind £30.0.0
John Reid Edragynat £120.0.0
Toun of Logyrate £348.6.8
Donald Robertson of Killiechangy wt [with] Balvairds teind £142.6.8
John Fergusson Bollichandie £55.16.8
for Atholls few and Balvairds teind £14.0.0
Marquis of Atholl for Tillimett £907.13.4
Earle of Tullibardine for Gilliechassie £363.0.0
for Gormocks few £16.0.0
for Balvairds teind £17.4.0
Pitnacrie with Atholls few and Balvairds teind £492.13.4
Alexander Steuart for Tullipowrie wt [with] Atholls few and Balvairds teind £192.16.0
Alexander Steuart of Clunie £36.0.0
Elizabeth Steuart for Fyndynet wth [with] Milnabs few and Balvairds teind £194.0.0
Mr Robert Steuart for Pitcastle wth [with] Balvairds teind £216.5.0
John Steuart Clochfoldoch wth [with] Atholls fw & Balvairds teind included £114.13.4
John Law for Drouchrocken wt [with] Balvairds teind included £31.0.0
Alexander Butter wt [with] Atholls few and Balvairds teind included £33.6.8
Strowan Robertson wt [with] Balvairds teind £89.13.4
Laird of Weyme £111.15.0
Drummachien and Drumachastle £234.0.0
Weem Paroch
Coline Campbell of Edramukie now E: [Earl] of Breadalbane £26.10.0
James Steuart for a pt [part] of Lawers £181.13.4
Earle of Breadalbane £529.6.8
Mr David Ramsay for Murthlie £133.6.8
Archibald Menzies Easter Stix £43.0.0
for Atholls few £16.0.0
Archibald Campbell and John Gordon for Rora £200.0.0
Captain James Menzies for Bar: [Barony] of Comrie £74.13.4
Laird of Weym £363.0.0
Duncan Campbell of Duncrosk £46.0.0
[right hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Kenmore paroch
Duncan Campbell of Edramukie £58.0.0
John Campbell Turriricht for Dalkillian £22.0.0
Agnes Campbell Edinhip £44.10.0
E: [Earl] of Breadalbane £3370.18.0
Laidy Strowan Robertson £454.13.4
John Campbell Easter Schian £55.0.0
Alexander Menzies of Schian £55.0.0
Lawers £305.0.0
Little Dunkeld paroch
Mr Mungo Murray for Sock £22.0.0
Laird of Grantullie £1655.0.0
for easter Barne £173.0.0
for Tullibardines few £250.0.0
for Cockburns few £21.0.0
Donald Robertson for a pt [part] of William Duffs Lands £118.0.0
John Mcduff £82.0.0
Thomas Steuart for Kinnaird £123.0.0
for the E: [Earl] of Weems few £15.8.0
for Gormocks few £3.6.8
Glenarbit £73.13.4
Belnagard somtime B: [Barony] of Comrie £306.13.4
E: [Earl] of Tullibardine for Drumkarff £133.6.8
John Steuart Midle Dalguiss £120.0.0
Wester Dallgoose £183.6.8
David and John Blairs & Duncan Camron easter dalguise £133.6.8
David Barres elder & your [younger] for Bellilochan £60.0.0
Tullibardine formerly Lud £138.0.0
Mungo Campbell Belnarick £18.0.0
E [Earl] of Northesk for Briedstoune £90.0.0
Ladiewell £400.0.0
Laird of Logie for Findowie £170.13.4
Marquis of Atholl for Invar £208.0.0
Robert Steuart Dalmaronock £120.0.0
Alexander Stewart Tomnagrew £70.0.0
James Steuart for Kincraigy formerly belonging to Robert Robertson £118.00

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