Proprietor and land Valuation
[left hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Dull paroch
Grandtullie £1000.0.0
Balachan for Clunie £325.0.0
John Steuart, Bonskeid £108.0.0
for Atholls few £3.4.8
Alexander Stewart for Pitdornie £26.13.4
Alexander Steuart Bellifurt wth [with] Atholls few £47.0.0
Baron of Moness £445.0.0
Steuart of Foss £445.0.0
for Atholls few £18.3.4
Innerchanichan with Atholls few £206.0.0
Donald Steuart Duntalich wt [with] Atholl & Lesles few £228.0.0
Earle of Breadalbane £55.0.0
Sheerglass £116.0.0
for Atholl and Leslies few £7.8.4
John Campbell Easter schian for Garrows £66.13.4
for Lawers few £16.0.0
John Campbell of Turriricht £126.0.0
for Leslie and Lawers few £18.0.0
Mungo Campbell of Kinloch wth [with] Lesly & Coupars few £87.0.0
John Dow Turrichardie £48.0.0
for Coupar and Leslies few £7.6.8
Alexander Menzies of Schian for Auchnavad £205.6.8
Gilbert Steuart of Fincastle' £266.13.4
for Atholl and Leslies few £15.0.0
Laird of Weem Leslies few included £805.0.0
for Glassie and Tullachullies £100.0.0
for Tigarmack £106.13.4
Mullian paroch
John Steuart of Cammock £54.0.0
John Ormison of Ardgie £35.8.0
Balnakeillie wth [with] Dumfarmlings few £348.9.2
John Robertson for Latock £77.0.0
Donald Robertson for Balnacraig and Drimacharr £194.0.0
Easter Clunie £77.0.0
Neil Steuart Orchillbeg £162.11.4
Allan Steuart of Stragarrie' £104.0.0
Cristian Robertson Lifrentrix of Kinnaird Balachans few included £68.13.4
Alexander Fergusson for Balleeuchane £85.0.0
Robert Fergusson for Pitfourie £66.13.4
Patrick Butter for Pitlochrie wt [with] Balachans included £210.13.4
[right hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Auchliex and Crosmichael £95.15.8
Drumachaber and pittariock £98.3.4
Robert Rorie £50.12.0
John Rattray Edradour £257.0.0
Knockbarrie £16.4.0
Baledmond £129.0.0
Thomas Butter Callibrullian £57.6.10
Alexander Steuart for Wester Clunie £40.0.0
Wester Straloch £209.2.6
Patrick Small Durinian £101.4.0
Alexander Steuart formerly Murray £125.9.0
Barron Reid £230.14.0
Gilbert Steuart £87.13.4
for Balachans few £5.0.0
James Steuart Rinrorie and Orchillmoir £280.0.0
Fascallie £445.4.8
Marquis of Atholls few £263.2.0
James Murray for Killdrogen £51.0.0
Dowallie paroch
Mr Henrie Balnavis for Rotmell £268.0.0
for Craigyitto £13.9.8
for Meikle haugh £24.0.0
Marquis of Atholl for the miln of Dowallie £166.13.4
John Frazer for the knaveship of Dowallie £33.6.8
Marquis of Atholl for Gae £366.13.4
Glenlyon for Kilmorich £230.0.0
Fascallie for Dallkabone £193.6.8
William Fyfe for Seat £45.0.0
Robert Steuarts part of Dowallie £50.0.0
Logyrate paroch
Donald Robertson of Easter Tyre £165.0.0
Donald Steuart wester Dalschian and Ballantin Atholls few and Balvairds teind included £85.0.0
John Fergusson wester Dunfalladie wth [with] Atholls few £191.0.0
Widow Campbell Breadalbanes few & Balvairds teind [dua et vice] included £137.0.0

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