Proprietor and land Valuation
[left hand page] £ [Pounds] s [shillings] d [pence]
Cargill paroch
Andrew Malice for Souterhouse £166.13.4
George Wright for Lattoun £135.0.0
Earle of Perth £4335.6.8
for Coupars feu. £66.13.4
Mr William Maine £30.0.0
Lidgertlaw £560.0.0
For Cockburns few of Buttergask £16.14.0
Buttergask £18.0.0
Keithick for Litle Keathick £150.0.0
Blair of Atholl paroch
Laird of Lud £800.0.0
Laird of Strewan Robertson £270.13.4
Duncan Robertson, Bohespick £133.6.8
Mr Robert Campbell Cluniemoor £146.13.4
Donald Robertson of Kincraigy £146.13.4
Tennendrie' Robertson £147.13.4
Malcom Steuart Innerslaine £70.0.0
for Auchmargberg £30.0.0
Charles Robertson Calvine £66.13.4
John Robertson Pitgonnie £45.0.0
Neill Steuart Drummachroich £45.0.0
Neill Steuart for Blairquharchter £200.0.0
Robert Steuart Ackinralie £45.0.0
Jannit Calmannick £32.0.0
Robert Steuart for Tullich £120.0.0
Donald Robertson Kindrokitt £35.0.0
Alexander Robertson Blairfeatie £120.0.0
Donald McClashan Pitledonick £53.0.0
Alexander Robertson Cald brewar £35.0.0
Duncan Robertson Auchloiks £100.0.0
John Robertson Acgowell £50.0.0
William Steuart Dallwarset £88.0.0
Marquess of Atholl for Foss £386.13.4
Marquis of Atholls property
The Kirktoun of Blair. £133.6.8
[right hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Easter Maines £66.13.4
Tirinie £100.0.0
Dallgross and Campses £100.0.0
Pitnaissie and Litle Lud £100.0.0
William McIntosh for Craigderg £42.0.0
Robert Steuart for Cultbeg £16.0.0
John Steuart for Wratmore £30.0.0
John Steuart for Wirat beg £70.0.0
Sheerglass for half Carrick £7.10.0
Fascallie £150.0.0
Barbra Hay £93.0.0
Alexander Stewart pitdornie £20.13.4
Cultmoor £30.0.0
John Steuart Bonskeid £120.0.0
Killine paroch
Blair Drummond of Leix £306.13.4
Robert Campbell of Glenfalloch £222.0.0
Robert Mcnab of that Ilk £351.13.4
Auchavaran £45.0.0
James Campbell for Achiell £95.6.8
Alexander Campbell Wester Ardennick £250.0.0
Earle of Breadalbane £1845.0.0
Fortingal paroch
Alexander Menzies of Garth £520.0.0
Patrick Steuart Drummacharrie £60.0.0
Robert Mccarter for Dowars wadset £143.0.0
Alexander Menzies of Garth for James Menzies £53.6.8
Alexander Menzies for Archibald Menzies £106.13.4
Alexander Menzies for George Mcgrigor £45.0.0
Captain James Menzies for Barony of Comrie £38.0.0
Innerchainachan £80.0.0
Duncan Campbell of Dunevis £240.0.0
William Menzies of Balfrack £418.0.0
For Foss £226.13.4
James Steuart of Temper £45.0.0
Archibald Menzies of Glen Lyon £1103.13.4
More for Innernyties few £30.0.0
Laird of Weym £240.0.0
Laird of Struan Robertson £479.0.0

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