Proprietor and land Valuation
[left hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Kirkmichael paroch
Gillichanzie for Balnakeillie £221.0.0
More for Atholl & Ashintullies few £54.13.4
Patrick Small for Leonackmore and Dalrioch £75.0.0
for Atholl and Ashintullies few £18.6.8
Mcintosh of Dalmunzie including Dalmongy, Cuthill & Inneredrie £168.0.0
for Atholls few and Airlies teynd £24.3.4
for Channell Glenledmick a part of Dounies rent £28.13.4
Mr John Robertson for a pt [part] of Dounies Rent £120.6.0
John Bruce Easter pitcarmick £23.13.4
for a part of Tellens few £3.0.0
Marq: [Marquis] of Atholl for a part of Dounies rent £80.0.0
for Atholls few £47.0.0
William Murray for himself and Atholls few £29.6.8
for a part of Stronimuckes £18.0.0
David Spalding for Morrlouck £80.0.0
for Edmarachite £28.0.0
for Dounie Croy £28.0.0
for Atholls few £17.2.0
for a part of Easter Enoch wth [with] Tellens few and Airlie Teind £24.0.0
for his part of Innerchrosk £42.0.0
for Borland £39.6.8
William Farquharson for Tomb and Ashintullies few included £51.6.8
Kenneth Mckenzie Runnavey £88.13.4
for Atholls few £10.0.0
Alexander McIntosh of Cambus wth [with] Ashintullies few £47.6.8
Broichdarg £90.10.0
William Small of Fungart wth [with] Atholls few £39.0.0
John Fleeminge of Keirro £34.13.4
for Atholls few £3.13.4
Ashintullie wth [with] Tellens few and Airlies Teind £445.5.0
John Mcintosh Daluchragan and Atholls few £26.13.4
David Spalding of Cardon Ashintully & Tellens few included £77.0.0
John Robertsons pt [part] of Enoch wt [with] Telens few £50.0.0
William Rattray wt [with] Telens few & Airlies teind included £90.0.0
John Bruce Tomnomoon wth [with] Ashintullies few £24.6.8
Balnacraig Atholls few included £27.0.0
John Dulick Ashintullies & Telens few £44.5.0
[right hand page] £ [Pounds] s [shillings] d [pence]
John Robertson of Bleaton wt [with] Telens few £150.0.0
James Chalmers wth [with] Tellens few & Airlies teind £22.0.0
Soillerie with Ashintullies few and Airlies teind £143.6.8
Alexander Shaw wth [with] Telens few £31.6.8
John Eison wth [with] Ashintullie and Telens few £44.6.8
Alexander Eison Bomyle wth [with] Tellens and Ashintullies few, and Airlies teind included, now Paul Robertson £26.6.8
John Bruce at Pitcarmock miln with Telens few £84.0.0
John Bruce Wester pitcarmock with Telens few £62.0.0
Duncan Mckenzie Dalnabrick with Telens few £29.16.0
Balnabroich with Telings few £77.13.4
John Rodger with Ashintullies few £42.6.0
Alexander Fergusson Wester Balcheuchrie wth [with] Telings few £46.13.4
John Mustard wth [with] Telings few £6.11.0
Robert Fergusson Easter Balcheuchrie wth [with] Telings few £34.0.0
John Bruce Easter Balintoun wt [with] Telings few £31.6.8
John Bruce Easter Dalnabrick with Telings few £50.10.0
Donald Mccoul wth [with] Telings few £15.0.0
Alexander Rattray Tullichorran £80.0.0
Donald Robertson Cultolonie wth [with] Atholls few £100.0.0
More for a part of Stronomuiks rent £20.0.0
Dalrulzian wth [with] Atholls few and Airlys rent £129.13.4
Barron Reid Easter Straloch £128.6.8
James Robertson of Croy £80.0.0
Alexander Easson Wester Bellintoon £24.0.0
Stronomuck Robertson wt [with] Atholls few £58.0.0
Mr Leonard Robertson of Straloch for midle Innerchroskie With Ashintullies few £26.10.0
for Innerchroskie wth [with] Ashintullies few £88.16.0
for wester Innerchroskie £42.6.0
For Lairs £85.0.0
for a part of Easter Enoch £24.0.0
Lethindie paroch
Mr David Ramsay for Lethindie £629.0.0
for Blackloch £65.0.0
for Redgothens £252.0.0
for John Nairnes few £12.12.0
Gourdy for James Strachans Lands £120.0.0
Pittendreich £182.0.0

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