Proprietor and land Valuation
[left hand page] £ [pounds] s [shillings] d [pence]
Cluny paroch
Segyden for his wadset here £130.10.0
More for a part of Dowallie Steuarts teind £24.13.4
Scrogiehill £66.13.4
Dowhill £240.0.0
Wester Essendie £200.0.0
Laird of Cluny £732.2.4
James Johnston for the miln of Fornocht £93.6.8
Mr John Ramsay for Easter Fornocht £114.0.0
More for Tullyneidies £466.13.4
Andrew Husband of Logie £117.15.6
James Bennerman £77.9.8
James Husband for Blackloaning £151.5.4
Gourdy Hay for Wester Gourdy £114.0.0
More for the Cottartoun of wester Gourdie £57.0.0
Birkinhills £22.0.0
John Greig for the miln of Laighwood £100.0.0
Thomas Rattray for Midle Gourdie £171.0.0
Gourdy for Easter Gourdie £170.0.0
E: [Earl] of Northesk for the miln of Gourdie £112.0.0
Lowes for Craigtoun £52.0.0
E: [Earl] of Tullibardine for the park of Laichwood £213.6.8
E: [Earl] of Tullibardine for Leadochies £100.0.0
More for Over Laichwood £28.6.8
More for Craigshiell £28.6.8
More for Sherifmoore £56.13.4
More for [Stowargackith] £70.0.0
More for Whislebeer £22.0.0
More for Dulator £20.0.0
Kinloch paroch
Mr John Gall for Kinloch £393.6.8
Andrew Husband £100.0.0
Alexander Mitchell £73.6.8
Glassclune £619.0.0
Balleid £273.10.0
Alexander Herring of Callie £61.0.0
Gormock Johnston for Balbirdo £52.0.0
More for Nether Balcairne £133.6.8
[right hand page] £ [pounds] s [shillings] d [pence]
Rattray paroch
John Robertson of Bleaton £66.13.4
David Spalding pt [part] pf Bleaton £66.13.4
Issobell Crichton relict of David Ramsay £40.0.0
Joseph Watson £40.0.0
Patrick Yeaman Easter walkmiln £40.0.0
John Donaldson for a pt [part] of Dupplins Land £62.0.0
David Donaldson for a part of Dupplins Land £20.13.4
John Donaldson for a part of Tullifergus £45.0.0
George Yeaman for west miln £15.0.0
David Blair £8.13.4
Bamff Ramsay for Midle Drimmie £80.0.0
for Coupars few £5.0.0
Mr James Crockat £55.0.0
for Coupars few £15.0.0
Mr John Crockat now Duppline £51.0.0
Thomas Adamson for a part of Jean Grays L: [Lands] £18.0.0
David Donaldson for a pt [part] of Balhoussies Rent & his oun £34.13.4
Thomas Whitson formerly David Drummond £85.0.0
More for Mr Patrick Cargills Lands £67.0.0
James Miller for Thomas Mecks lands £45.0.0
James Yeaman formerly John Herres £8.13.4
Thomas Ireland £22.0.0
Viscount of Duppline £810.10.0
David Crichton for the Maines of Rattray £46.3.4
Mr Thomas Crichton formerly Ardblair £105.6.8
William Anderson £45.6.8
Sir George Mckenzies heirs for Tullifergus £138.6.8
James Ogilvie £67.10.0
Donald Lauson £8.13.4
Edward Anderson £7.0.0
Laird of Craighall £456.13.4
Nota, Craighall pays cess for 274 lib [pounds] of valued rent in Rattray paroch
The Laidy for 527 lib [pounds] in Bennethie & Rattray

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