Proprietor and land Valuation
[left hand page] £ [pounds] s [shillings] d [pence]
John Hagart £15.0.0
More for a pt [part] of Stentons valued rent £10.0.0
Segyden for Craigie £320.0.0
for the prebendarie duties £25.0.0
William Chalmers £20.0.0
Mr Robert Anderson South bandirran £178.00
William Cochran for the miln of Mucklary £23.16.8
Robert Robertson for Drummellie £82.0.0
John Young of Grayston £31.6.8
Grantullie for Druddies Rent £30.0.0
More for Ballaidies £85.0.0
More for Fungirt £40.0.0
More for Bolleids pt [part] of Fungirt £53.19.0
William Craige for a pt [part] of Stentons Lands £5.0.0
Thomas Thomson £20.0.0
Alexander Scott for the boat of Caputh £114.0.0
John Husband Nether Kincairnie £35.0.0
John Husbands Bissat £25.0.0
E [Earl] of Tullibardine for Drumbuie £145.0.0
James Kae for meikle Cult £66.13.4
James Kae formerly Thomas Baine £21.0.0
John Lamb £26.13.4
Charles Clerk £5.0.0
Mr Mungo Murray for Kincairnie £153.6.8
More for Prebendacy dutie £21.0.0
John Scots part of Logy £40.0.0
Donald Scots part of Logie £40.0.0
James Kae for Snaigo £89.0.0
Andrew Husband for wester Logy £126.13.4
Gilbert Greig for Haughend £83.0.0
John Stewart Arngag £48.6.8
John Robertson Croaft £65.0.0
Mr Thomas Lyall for Newtyle £84.0.0
Robert Adamson £14.16.8
John Ealdge £10.0.0
Marq [Marques] of Atholl for Bishop yoard £10.0.0
William Lindsay for midle gormock £47.13.4
Mr Gilbert Blair for Wester Gormock £94.13.4
[Right hand page] £ [pounds] s [shillings] d [pence]
Earle of Tullibardine for Reymore £40.0.0
More for Roughship £60.0.0
Marques of Atholl for Mr John Steuarts L [Lands] £38.10.0
Stenton elder £141.0.0
Senton younger £136.13.4
Capt [Captain] Archibald Menzies Fordie £416.0.0
More for Midle cairnie £110.0.0
Francis Drummond for Hallhole £103.6.8
Lady Aldie £940.0.0
E: [Earl] of Northesk for Inchtuthill £2020.13.4
More for Redgoual £82.13.4
Patrick Broadie £19.13.4
Mr David Ramsay for Fardle £333.6.8
Melginch for Litle lower £150.0.0
More for the boat of Windieaige £45.0.0
Lower Lands of Cairnie qrof [quharof] £16.0.0 for Cockburns few £279.0.0
Dalrulzian £105.0.0
Donald Reoch formerly James Bennerman £38.0.0
More for Craigetristo £16.13.4
William Fyfe for Tullinydies £158.6.8
More for a pt [part] of Thomas Youngs L [Lands] £68.0.0
More of Atholl for Tilliemillies £100.0.0
John Chalmers £30.0.0
John Smyth £20.0.0
Thomas Mcconnachie £75.0.0
David Moncreiff for Thomas Irvings L: [Lands] £180.0.0
John Hagart for Ruffell £180.0.0
More for Glencarse Sometime Inner £42.0.0
More for Aldgie £70.0.0
Milnhill £133.6.8
Donald Scott for Chapletoun £38.8.8
Thomas Young £164.6.8
John Clerk for a pt [part] of Thomas Youngs L: [Lands] £12.0.0
Thomas Man for a pt [part] of Balleids L: [Lands] £12.0.0
More for a pt [part] of James Bennermans L: [Lands] £8.0.0
More for Abrahame Duffs L: [Lands] £44.10.0
John Young for a pt [part] of Fungart £33.6.8
James Steuart for a pt [part] of Hillhead £33.6.8
Donald Mckewans Land £30.0.0
John and Thomas Bissat & Thomas Robertson for the Land of Dungarthill £90.0.0
Balleid for the Prebendary of Fungorth £82.0.0

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