Proprietor and land Valuation
[Left hand page] £ [pounds] s [shillings] d [pence]
Ardblair £474.0.0
James Ramsay for Newtoun Drummonds L. [Lands] £593.6.8
More for Mr John Robertsons lands £160.6.0
Gormock Johnstoun £303.0.0
Coupar paroch
Kinloch of that Ilk £620.0.0
More for Coupars few £39.0.0
John Fallay eldr [elder] for his pt [part] of Ballbrogy £79.6.8
for Gilbert Alexander wadset of Balbrogy £32.0.0
for Coupars few £15.8.0
George Wichton £3.0.0
for a part of Ballgershoes Land £38.6.8
for John Alexanders Lands £6.0.0
William Ogilvie of Newhall £68.6.8
for Coupars few £5.0.0
Mr John Haliburton of Easter Denhead and a pt [part] of Ballbrogy £337.6.8
More for Balathies wadset of Balbrogy £100.6.8
for Coupars few £3.13.4
Mr George Haliburton for Wester Denhead £235.0.0
More for Coupars few £20.0.0
John Petrie for his pt [part] of Balbrogy £89.10.0
More for Coupars few £1.16.8
John Wilson £3.0.0
for a part of Ballgershoes Lands £40.0.0
George Rodger for a pt [part] of John Fallays Lands £20.0.0
Ballgersho £400.0.0
More for Coupars few £86.6.8
John Campbell £80.0.0
More for Coupars few £13.6.8
Henry Blair £166.11.8
More for John Fallays airs Lands £50.0.0
More for Coupars few £6.15.0
John Hay £82.16.0
Coupars few £13.6.8
William Henderson £66.13.4
Coupars few £3.6.8
Mr James Haliburton pt [part] of Ballbrogy £194.13.4
Coupars few £8.6.8
[Right hand page] £ [pounds] s [shillings] d [pence]
Camno for Arthurston £316.13.4
Coupars few £14.10.0
Crunan £348.13.4
Coupars few £14.10.0
Margaret Bruce relict of James Spourt £2.13.4
Lord Gray for David Olivers Lands £8.6.8
More for Galleries £257.6.8
for Dyckhead including Wichtons Lands £140.0.0
for Coupars few £25.0.0
Alexander Pilmors aires £60.0.0
Coupars few £60.0.0
James Crookshanks £16.13.4
Coupars few £0.13.4
Thomas Bruce & James Simpson £6.0.0
David Mylles £3.0.0
Pitcurr for Donald Patullo's Lands £152.0.0
Coupars few £3.6.8
Keathick for the miln of Keathick £375.13.4
More for Kemphill £133.6.8
for the Boat of Keathick & Boghall £239.18.8
for the half of the Conjunct fie Lands £292.3.4
for a part of Ballbrogie £84.0.0
for Coupars few £46.10.0
for James Coupars Lands £3.0.0
Lady Keathick for her conjunct fie lands £292.3.4
Coupars few £24.10.0
John Colt £20.0.0
Kinnochtrie for Calseyend £20.0.0
Coupars few £2.0.0
Mr John Pearson for a pt [part] of Balgershoes Lands £100.0.0
Andrew Malices £78.5.4
Caputh paroch
Jams Bisset elder & your [younger] for meikle Fairdle £193.6.8
Andrew Hagart £82.0.0
More for Pickells ??? [Qukells] few £11.13.4
More for John Scott of Muckliries Lands £71.15.0
More for Camnos few £11.13.4

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