Proprietor and land Valuation
Earle of Kincardine £1244.16.4
The valuation of the paroch of Cullross is £4881.7.4
Laird of Pandrich £353.6.8
William Caddle for a pt [part] of Pandreichs Lands £246.0.0
Menstrie £118.0.0
Laird of Maner £284.3.4
Mr Forresters heirs for Logy. £107.0.0
Lipnat formerly John Galloway £104.0.0
Laird of Gogar. £385.0.0
Laird of Lewchat for Blair. £320.0.0
Logy paroch L ss ...
Tulliallen paroch
Cullross paroch

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We Mr Mungo Murray Collector of the Supply
of perth shire and James Richardson Sherif
Clerk deput Attest this to be a true Coppy
of the Book of Valuation by which the Supply
out of the said Shire Is Collected As witnes
thir presents, Subscrived by us at Perth the Ninth
day of february one Thousand Seven hundred and
fyve yeers [9 Feb 1705]
[signed] Mungo Murray
James Richardson

Transcriber's notes

Page 41 (E106/26/1/41) gives the valuations for the Parishes of Logie, Tulliallan and Culross.

On left-hand pages such as Page 41 the figure in the pence column of the valuation is often in the central gutter and cannot be easily read.
Where possible these have been checked in the Perthshire Cess Book 1703-09, held by Perth & Kinross Archive (CC1/1/8/5).

Also William Gloag's "Rentall of the County of Perth" printed by Morisons of Perth in 1835 which can be accessed on-line, gives details of the properties and valuations within each parish for 1650 and in 1835, together with the total valuation of parishes in 1667. Where there is doubt about a reading, any relevant evidence from Gloag's Rental and the Cess Book is mentioned in these Notes.

This Valuation Roll deals only with those parts of Logie Parish which lay in Perthshire. Significant and more valuable parts of the Parish lay in Clackmannanshire - around Cambuskenneth and the Abbey Craig and to the south and east of Menstrie - and there was a small proportion of the parish in Stirlingshire. See O.S. 1st Ed. Perth & Clacks Sheet No.133 which shows the different parts of Logie Parish, and Land Tax Roll Clackmannanshire No.02 for a 1708 valuation of the lands in that County (E106/9/2/1).
Under 10% of the value of the Lands of Menstrie lay in Perthshire, with a value of £1153.3.8 recorded for Menstrie
in Clackmannanshire in 1708.
Lands of Blair: (Blairlogie)

Although dated 1705 the valuation for Tulliallan Parish is that of the Barony of Tulliallan, extending inland northeastwards from Old Tulliallan Castle. From medieval times the lands of the Barony had comprised the Parish of Tulliallan, but in 1673 the Parish had been extended significantly eastwards by addition of the lands of Kincardine, Lurg, Sands & Kellywood which had previously been part of Culross Parish. However in this valuation these additional lands are still included in the single figure given for Culross parish.

From the middle of the 17th century the lands of Tulliallan, previously held by the Blacaders, had come into the possession of the Bruce Earls of Kincardine, who also held most of the lands of Kincardine etc added to Tulliallan from 1673. In 1700 the earldom lands, including the entire Barony and almost all of the expanded Parish of Tulliallan, were purchased at a judicial sale by Lt. Col. John Erskine. This acquisition was the subject of legal wrangling in the early decades of the 18th century, and this 1705 Valuation Roll has made no attempt to keep up with any change of ownership.

The absence of any detailed valuation for Culross Parish in this Roll drawn up in Perth, might suggest that collection of the Land Tax for the detached area of Culross & Tulliallan was managed locally with the total amounts due forwarded to Perth, or perhaps directly to Edinburgh. For convenience collection of the land tax from properties outside the Royal Burgh of Culross may have been handled by the Burgh Clerk in parallel with his collection of the Burgh's own contribution.

Page 41 completes the Perthshire Valuation Roll and carries a declaration by the Collector of Supply and Sheriff Depute, dated at Perth 9 Feb 1705.

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