Proprietor and land Valuation
[left hand page] £ [pounds] s [shillings] d [pence]
E: [Earl] of Airlie the byshops rent included £1511.13.4
Bamff Ramsay wth [with] Alexander Crichtonn £1238.4.0
More for Moortoun £106.13.4
More for Coupars few £10.0.0
William Fithie for Balquhen £81.16.8
John Smyths pt [part] of Wester Leitfie £100.1.0
Andrew Haldans aikers £30.3.4
Hugh Wilson £7.0.0
James Robertson of Baharrie £426.6.8
Charles Robertson £13.13.4
William Ramsay £40.17.6
James Cargill £10.4.8
James Niving, John Edward & John Gorthie £21.3.4
John Patullo of Kinnochtrie £53.15.10
Thomas Johnstoun £133.6.8
James Weems wadset of Cadam £40.17.6
Andrew Sandieman £7.3.4
William Chalmers for Whitsyde £49.0.0
Tullimurdoch £204.10.0
Hallyards £460.1.8
Jurdingstoun including the Bs [Bishops] rent £516.10.0
Thomas McKie for Moortoun £29.0.0
for Coupars few £4.0.0
for the Bishops rent £0.13.4
James Soutars aikers £25.10.0
William Dick £10.4.8
Pearsie Rattray £27.4.10
Mr Thomas Ireland £7.0.0
Andrew Rattray for West forrest £68.2.8
Elizabeth Rattray £51.17.4
Rannagullian £80.0.0
More for Strathmores few £13.12.8
More for the Bishops rent £2.0.0
Redlockie £96.2.6
[right hand page] £ [pounds] s [shillings] d [pence]
Blair of Gourie paroch
Laird of Bamff £243.13.4
More for Drumellies few £50.0.0
More for Herries pt [part] of Geddies Lands £56.0.0
More for a pt [part] of the E [Earl] of Airlies lands £80.0.0
More for David Robertsons part of Geddies Lands £27.10.0
More for the Mains of Mawse £159.0.0
More for James Saunders Lands £24.0.0
More for William Chalmers & James Spence lands £60.0.0
More for William Rattray of Moortouns L [Lands] £40.0.0
More for James Dicks Lands £18.0.0
More for John Morgans Lands £36.0.0
Thomas Jack £6.13.4
James Coupar for Easter Banchrie £425.0.0
More for Lochblair £329.6.8
More for Coupars few £22.7.4
Leadcassie £100.0.0
More for Coupars few £8.0.0
Thomas Meik £186.13.4
William Chalmers for Cloquhats £185.0.0
Tulliemurdoch for brewlands £13.6.8
Robert Chalmers for his pt [part] of Cloquhats £185.0.0
James Turnbull £66.13.4
Thomas Cargill for Clunie £46.0.0
John Fergusson for a pt [part] of Blackcraigs £18.0.0
William Fergusson for a pt [part] of Blackcraigs £18.0.0
Francis Frizell £9.0.0
Marq. [Marquis] of Atholl for Boigt £81.13.0
Thomas Ireland £166.10.0
John Fergusson Wester Callie £51.13.4
Robert Eison £25.16.8
Robert Fergusson portioner of Westr [Wester] Callie £12.6.8
David Lyon for Wester Banchrie £240.0.0
More for the Miln of Banchrie £113.6.8
Lochton for a Room in Banchrie £120.0.0
Drumlochie formerly Downie £366.13.4
Archibald Campbell of Pearsie £70.0.0
John Arthur £30.0.0
Marq [Marquis] of Atholl for Rochsheill £33.6.8
Rochhailich £84.12.0
Lord Stormonts few £200.0.0

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