Proprietor and land Valuation
[left hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Ochterairdor paroch
William Burgh £12.6.8
Andrew Mallar £13.6.8
Archibald Paterson £20.0.0
for a part of the E: [Earl] of Tullibardines lands £25.0.0
James Tailor £12.6.8
John Grahame £13.6.8
John Darling £4.0.0
Mungo Grahame £26.13.4
John Shadden £33.6.8
William Johnstoun £13.6.8
E: [Earl] of perth £1046.0.0
Marquis of Montrose £2876.0.0
E: [Earl] of perth for Balloch & Broich £120.0.0
Inchbraikie elder £565.8.4
Inchbraikie Younger £518.6.8
William Davidson £5.0.0
Blackfoord paroch
Mr George Drummond for the Lands of Burnsyde Awhark Loringbarne, and Walkmiln belonging to Abercairnie £86.13.4
Glenaigles £666.13.4
Mar: [Marquis of] Montrose £1019.0.0
Laird of Orchill £140.0.0
E: [Earl] of Tullibardine £720.0.0
Laird of Machanie £890.0.0
Abercairnie £1366.16.8
Panholls £475.0.0
Glendovan paroch
Glenquoy £96.0.0
for the E: [Earl] of Tullibardines few £113.0.0
Marquis of Atholl for Borland £125.0.0
John Drysdale for his part of Borland £48.0.0
John pearson wth [with] the Miln £28.6.8
Auchlinskie £163.0.0
Easter Glensherope £190.0.0
Wester Glensherope £190.0.0
Easter & Wester Whitehills £190.0.0
Glenaiglis £190.0.0
[right hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Muckart paroch
The particulars of the valued Rent of this paroch is not Certainly known but extends in haill to £2161.13.4
Dunblaine Prisbitry
Dunblaine paroch
E: [Earl] of Perth for Kinbuck £703.13.4
for Corsecaple £156.0.0
Laird of Kippendavie £425.0.0
Mr Ninian Drummonds heirs £112.0.0
Robert Musket £210.13.4
Viscount of Strathallan for Cromlix £1292.0.0
for a part of Walter Chisolmes Lands £123.6.8
for Margaret Drummonds Lands £13.6.8
for a part of Mr John Sinclars Lands £10.0.0
for Mr James Buchanans Lands £6.10.0
Lodovick Drummond for Wester Feddall formerly belonging to My Lord Strathallan £320.0.0
Laird of Keir £666.13.4
James Robertson £5.0.0
Thomas Gillespies heirs £6.10.0
Alexander Chisleoms aires £25.0.0
Laird of Innermay for Buttergask £500.0.0
Laird of Ballhaddies Stock and teind £280.0.0
More for Sinclars Lands £246.13.4

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