Proprietor and land Valuation
Creiff Paroch £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
John Caw for Croaft knappit £22.0.0
Barron of Pittinzie £116.0.0
for Margaret Campbells part £75.0.0
for the E: [Earl] of Perths few £5.0.0
Cultoquhey £97.0.0
Callander £280.0.0
Comrie for Pittentian £229.14.0
Patrick Murray of Dullary £322.0.0
E: [Earl] of Perth for Milnab £762.0.0
E: [Earl] of Perth for Mr John Mullocks Lands £142.0.0
Broich for Broich and Dalpatrick £278.0.0
Mungo Campbell of Kinloch £171.0.0
E: [Earl] of Tullibardine £787.0.0
Anthony Murray £126.0.0
Mr Alexander Donyng £279.0.0
Kincairdine £119.0.0
Abercairnie £186.0.0
Inchbraikie your [younger] £140.0.0
Monivard Paroch
Laird of Leuchat for Trowan £525.0.0
Laird of Strowan Murray £300.0.0
E: [Earl] of perth for a pt [part] of Strowans Lands £158.6.8
Ochtertyre for Ochtertyre £600.0.0
for Inchaffrays few £10.0.0
for Monivard £600.0.0
for Inchaffrayes few £10.0.0
There is 100 Ms [Merks] of this belonging to Methven in Methven paroch
Mr David Young for Ibeit £10.13.4
Lochlan £365.0.0
Glentarffs relict £93.6.8
John Mcgruther £151.0.0
Lord Aberuchill for Barron Ross Lands £33.6.8
for Edinamples Lands £66.13.4
Clathice £252.11.0
Comrie £50.0.0
Lawers £991.13.4
L [Laird] of Meginch £440.13.4
Drummonderinoch £128.0.0
Mr John philp for a pt [part] of Strowans Lands £58.13.4
Comrie paroch £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Laird of Monzie £200.0.0
for Mr John Murrays teind £16.0.0
Ardvorlich £193.6.8
E: [Earl] of Perth. The Muttars formerly belonging to Mr Philp being 10 lib [pounds] included £1214.0.0
for Mr John Murrays teind £14.6.8
Laird of Strowan Murray £298.0.0
Drummonderinoch £46.13.4
Cultobragan £216.0.0
E: [Earl] of Tullibardine £445.0.0
Laird of Comrie £413.6.8
Laird of Lawers £428.10.0
Alexander Mcgrigors Relict £33.13.4
Lord Aberuchill £550.0.0
for Baron Ross Lands £64.0.0
Muthill paroch
E: [Earl] of Perth for Findal and Dargill £148.6.8
for the few £5.10.0
E: [Earl] of Perths old lands wth [with] the Muttars belonging to Mr Philp being 10 lib [pounds] £3555.0.0
E: [Earl] of perth for a part of Strowans Lands £81.13.4
Mr John philp. £76.13.4
E: [Earl] of perth for Balloch & Mr Raes Lands £600.0.0
E: [Earl] of perth for John Mcgrigors Lands £63.6.8
Ardoch £1000.0.0
Marquis of Montrose for Braico. £590.0.0
Laird of Orchill £140.0.0
Laird of Feddalls £496.0.0
Laird of Pittkellonie £550.0.0
for Mungo Shaddens Lands £53.13.4
Killdies stock and Teind £147.6.8
Laird of Machanie £155.0.0
Broich Drummond £72.0.0
Strowan Murray £50.0.0

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