Proprietor and land Valuation
[left hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Kinclaven paroch
Laidy Muckarsie £800.0.0
for the Bishops few £12.0.0
Grantullie for Kerco £886.13.4
for Arntullie £840.0.0
for Balathie £213.6.8
Innernytie £1230.0.0
Thomas Rattray for the boat of Kinclavine £20.0.0
Ochtergaven paroch
Lord Nairn for the Maines of Nairne £302.0.0
John Douglas for hardhaugh belonging to L: N: [Lord Nairn] £53.6.8
Grantullie for obnie £485.0.0
Tullibelton £181.16.0
James Rattray for Newmiln and Neilshaugh belonging to My Ld [Lord] Nairn £188.0.0
Innernytie for Airliewight £666.13.4
for Atholls few £20.0.0
Lord Nairn for Whiteknows £150.0.0
Mr William Wallace Lands £18.0.0
Lord Nairn for Loak £302.0.0
Lord Nairn for Gallowhill £80.0.0
Lord Nairn for Hilltoun £83.0.0
Lord Nairn for Carnetown £60.0.0
Lord Nairn for Kings Lands £232.0.0
Lord Nairn for Gourdies hill £54.0.0
Lord Nairn for Inchtruvie £284.0.0
Lord Nairn for the toun of Ochtergavine £137.0.0
Laidy Nairn for the pendicles of Ochtergavine £137.0.0
Laidy Nairn for Ardonachie £260.0.0
Laidy Nairn for Ledmore and Colie £225.0.0
Laidy Nairn for Over Blealock and Hill £160.0.0
Laidy Nairn for Airlie Wight Jackstoun £68.0.0
Laidy Nairn for Nether Blealock £186.0.0
Laidy Nairn for the Maines of Ochtergavine £267.0.0
Monydie paroch
Ballgowan £326.13.4
for Tullibardines few £50.0.0
Innernytie £440.0.0
Lord Nairn £666.13.4
Henry Moon for Fordy £50.0.0
Gilbert Rattray for Gilliebanks £133.6.8
Mr John Omeys heirs £90.0.0
Drumsey £243.0.0
[right hand page] £. [Pounds] s. [shillings] d [pence]
Abernyte paroch
Laird of Powrie £354.0.0
for James Ogilvies Lands £76.0.0
Thomas Jack £30.0.0
Kirkhill £123.0.0
Pitkindie £110.0.0
Ballairdie £70.0.0
Ballegernoe wth [with] 10 lib [pounds] of Bi ops [Bishops] few £363.13.4
Rossie paroch
Lord Kinnaird £712.0.0
Ballegernoe £1774.0.0
Bandean £1046.13.4
Inchture paroch
Lord Kinnaird £2937.3.4
Mr Francis Montgomrie £466.13.4
James Fyfes qrter [quarter] of Polgavie £133.6.8
James Mathisones part of Polgavie £53.13.4
Longforgan paroch
Laird of Monorgan £733.6.8
for Templehall £140.0.0
Laird of Milnefield £719.6.8
Lord Gray £541.6.8
Lord Kinnaird £549.6.8
E: [Earl] of Strathmore £2519.0.0
Robert Gray's Lands £53.6.8
Robert Gib for Lochtoun £192.0.0
Mr Alexander Forrester for Milnhill £600.0.0
Ballegerno for Wester Newtoun £94.13.4
James Fyfe for his part of Dron £240.13.4
for Lundies few £13.0.0
Mr George Forresters heirs for Knap £266.13.4
Troticks heirs £106.13.4
John Ogilvie £150.0.0
James Strachan for his part of Dron £133.6.8
for Lauriston £200.0.0

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