Proprietor and land Valuation
Kilraick £3176.7.0
Polneach - Aitnoch £54.0.0
Croygorton £48.0.0
Culloden £94.13.8
Clava £445.6.4
Glenerny £77.0.0
Altyre £108.0.0
Lethen £2276.0.0
Calder £3581.6.0
Mr. Thomas Brodie £135.11.0
Brodie, including Penick £1599.11.0
Cluness £294.9.0
Delnies £240.0.0
Kinsterrie £738.10.0
Boath £782.0.0
Torrich £51.0.0
Inchyeddle £24.0.0
Bishop rents £100.0.0
Dumnaglass £400.0.0
Holm £73.12.0
Knockaudie £96.0.0
Park £777.5.0
Total £15172.11.0

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Copy Valuation of the County of Nairn by which
the Supply is presently collected.

Above is a Just and true Copy of the Valuation Roll of the County
of Nairn, by which the Supply is presently collected, and as such
is attested by me Clerk of Supply At Nairn the Twenty fifth
day of October One Thousand seven hundred and seventy years [25 Oct 1770].
Signed Alexander Dunbar.
[---] the above is a just and true Copy of the Extract
Robert Donaldson J.P. [Justice of Peace] of
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