Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
Abreviat of the preceeding 32 Parishes
North Leith Parish £1220.17.0
Abbay of Holyrood house Parish £4365.0.0
Duddingston Parish £3687.11.8
South Leith Parish £6413.2.11
Libberton Parish £13685.6.8
West Church Parish £29536.13.4
Collington Parish £4514.11.0
Curry Parish £5363.2.8
Crammond Parish £9395.14.11
Kirkliston Parish £3578.0.0
Corstorphin Parish £5395.19.8
Kirknewton Parish £1053.0.0
Ratho Parish £6252.13.8
Midd Calder Parish £5250.16.8
West Calder Parish £3060.3.8
East Calder Parish £2707.3.4
Newton Parish £4887.15.2
Dalkeith Parish £7548.2.4
Inverask Parish £15373.2.5
Lasswade Parish £7436.6.8
Newbottle Parish £7138.16.0
Pennicook Parish £3780.3.4
Borthwick Parish £5483.18.0
Glencorse Parish £1579.8.0
Cranston Parish £6207.8.0
Cockpen Parish £3068.15.8
Creighton Parish £4123.17.8
Carrington Parish £2830.0.0
Herriot Parish £2803.10
Stow Parish £8239.13.4
Temple Parish £4399.10.0
Falla Parish £674.0.0
Total £191054.3.9

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[Page] 30
[Signed] James Ramsay

[Page] 31

James Ramsay Deputy Collector of Cess for the Shyre of
Edinburgh maketh Oath That the foregoing book of Valuation
consisting of the Thirty preceeding pages all and each of which
are Signed by him and delivered into his Majestys Court
dated the nineteenth of June last Is a true and just copy
of the Principal Records fo Valuation keept by him and the
Collector of Supply for the Sherriffdom of Edinburgh
James Ramsay

Exchequer Chambers
29th October 1771
Sworn befor me
John Maule

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