Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
Sir James Clerk of Penniecock £98.0.0
Sir James Clerk for part of Glencorse £80.0.0
[Sub total] £178.0.0
Heirs Robert Moubray ⅗ James Riddle Esqr. ⅖ £400.0.0
Doctor Drummond for ¾ of Glencorse £351.6.0
William Tytler of Woodhouse lee £300.0.0
James Philip of Greenlaw Esqr. £200.0.0
Miss Bothwels for ¼ of Glencarse £117.2.0
George Lockhart for Milton & Old woodhouselee £33.0.0
Total £1579.8.0
Cranston Parish
Sir William Dalrynple £2364.0.0
Sir William Dalrymple for Cranston £309.0.0
[Sub total] £2753.0.0
Dutchess of Gordon for Prestonhall £950.8.0
Thomas Hamilton McGill for the Viscount of Oxfoord £868.0.0
Thomas Wilkinson of Chesterhall £812.0.0
Sir Andrew Lauder of Fountain hall £584.0.0
Laird of Keekmuire £240.0.0
Total £6207.8.0
Cockpen Parish
Thomas Calderwood Esqr. for part of Dalhousie £300.0.0
Thomas Calderwood Esqr. for part of Dalhousie lately purchased £250.9.4
Thomas Calderwood Esqr. for Stirling for Haybridge £33.6.8
[Sub total] £583.16.0
Earl of Dalhousie £1001.3.0
Heirs Gilbert Burnett £564.0.0
Marquis of Lothian £450.10.0
Heirs Archibald Cockburn £436.0.0
Sir James Murray of Hillend £33.6.8
Total £3068.15.8
Creighton Parish
Mark Pringle for Wester Creighton £1373.11.10
Mark Pringle for Easter Creighton £300.0.0
Mark Pringle for Thorny dike £597.10.0
Mark Pringle for James Allan of Saughwell £356.15.0
Mark Pringle for Rosehill £146.10.0
Mark Pringle for John Thomson £135.8.10
Mark Pringle for Major Waddell £70.0.0
[Sub total] £2979.15.8
John Edmondstow Writer £160.0.0
John Edmonstow Writer £150.0.0
[Sub total] £310.0.0
William Frazer for part of Foord £62.10.0
William Frazer for thornydike purchased from Mr Pringle £62.10.0
[Sub total] £125.0.0
Earl of Hopeton for heirs James Craig for Easterton £485.0.0
James Dewar of Vogrie Esqr. £187.10.0
James Pentland £25.0.0
John Stevenson £11.12.0
Total £4123.17.8
Carrington Parish
The Viscount of Primrose £1583.6.8
The Viscountess of Primrose £791.13.4
Heirs Sir John Ramsay of Whikhill £455.0.0
Total £2830.0.0
Herriot Parish
Sir William Dalrymple £1237.0.0
Sir William Dalrymple for Herriots Hospital £48.10.0
[Sub total] £1285.10.0
George Addison for ½ of Carscape £161.0.0
George Addison for Hall herriot £152.0.0
George Addison for Carcant £132.0.0
[Sub total] £445.0.0
George Cranston of Dewar £258.0.0
George Cranston for ½ of Corsecap £161.0.0
[Sub total] £419.0.0
Viscountess of Primrose for ½ of Blackhope £300.0.0
William Taill £207.10.0
John Borthwick of Crookston £146.10.0
Total £2803.10.0

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