Proprietor & Land Valuation Valuation (Total)
1st North Leith Parish
The Seamens Hospital £169.4.0
The Seamens Hospital for Marron Evanson for Warrieston £260.11.4
The Seamens Hospital for George Willson £21.3.4
[sub total] £450.18.8
William Robertson Esqr for Hilliesfeild £202.13.8
William Robertson Esqr for pilriggs Acres £31.6.8
William Robertson Esqr for James Davidson £26.1.0
William Robertson Esqr for James Edgar £13.0.0
[sub total] £273.1.4
Patrick Anderson for Thomas Arburthnot £110.0.0
Patrick Anderson for Doctor Melvill £77.7.0
Patrick Anderson for Hillisfeild £68.0.0
[sub total] £255.7.0
Widow Stalker for Cunningham £15.13.4
Widow Stalker for the Carters £5.0.0
[sub total] £20.13.4
John Campbell Esqr for Lady Bruce £8.0.0
John Campbell Esqr for Dallas £10.0.0
[sub total] £18.0.0
George Storrie £4.17.0
George Storrie for Nathaniel Crossell £5.16.0
[sub total] £10.13.0
Widow Wardlaw £28.0.0
Patrick Gibb Cordiner £28.0.0
Andrew Burnet Writer £25.0.0
Captain Henry Thomson £25.0.0
Henry Wilkie £15.13.4
William Smith for Lyell £12.13.4
Walter Duncan £11.0.0
Andrew Walker £10.0.0
Walter Stewart £8.0.0
John Williamson £7.0.0
Alexander Johnston £6.0.0
Thomas White £5.0.0
Walter Scott Brewar for Jean Hay £4.17.0
[Total] £1220.17.0

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Abstract from the Cess Book of the Value Rent of the County of Edinburgh Viz
From 25th March 1771
To 25th March 1772

[Signed] James Ramsay

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